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Remember the 'leventh of September

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I always post something on September 11th. This time I forgot to post, but I wrote this poem on the even of 9/11 lying in bed, and texting it out on my phone in a Facebook Note. Here is my poem:

Remember, remember The 'leventh of September When early in the morning It came without warning. Two soaring planes came out of the sky 3000 would cry out, not ready to die. A statement to be made by angry men, So-called religious men committed this sin. They knew it to be a dagger to our hearts, "Surely they won't recover from being torn apart," Complacency and pride could have brought us to this. Could more have been done to make those airplanes miss? So many moving parts, so much still unknown, Conspiracy and truth that can chill you to the bone. Yet like a Phoenix from the ashes, something else revealed itself that day. Something unfurled many times, on porches across the USA. Despite the hateful acts, whoever is to blame And the fact that our nation will never be the same, We should all look back, past the pain and loss. Forget all the theories and the debris that was tossed. We should strive to act like so many others did that date. We should find that common bond that made this country great. For when the dust settled, and the firemen cleaned up the mess, There rose that great symbol that brings out our very best. Although they tried to hurt us and occupy our rescue crews, Not even fallen towers could hide the red, the white, and blue. Though years and ages can pass, and time can change the way things are, That fateful day proved to us, the spirit of unity had made it pretty far. For days and weeks after the attacks, on many streets across the nation. That Phoenix of a symbol gave us cause for celebration. So whether we're singing the national anthem, or honoring fallen soldiers, We should always remember that day, even as our nation still grows older. Let's remember Old Glory, as even on that day she waved. The symbol of America, land of the free, home of the brave.

By Jason E. Fort "Where were you when the world stopped turning, that September day?" Alan Jackson

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