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Beware the Ides of March...and GLOBAL WARMING - NO!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is March 15th - the historical and dreaded 'Ides of March'. And according to global warming pundits, we should beware of, according to Beto O'rourke, global extinction, and mass migration of 'climate refugees' by the thousands. I saw this image of a cinematic portrayal of Julius Caesar on that dreaded day, and it seemed to apply well with what I think IS the desired goal for the global warming pundits; that ALL OF US WEAR THAT LOOK OF SHEER PANIC on our faces!

But let's get real for a moment, folks. There are so many more serious problems going on, that pose much greater threats to us. Now, I only chose the Ides of March for reference to dire warnings, and the fact that March 15th is tomorrow. BUT, the way the climate change 'fear mongers' (buzzword :) )warn us about our impending doom is not all that different from the way the seer warns Julius Caesar of his impending death. Except - Caesar's death was a serious threat. Beto's, and all those who support the Green New Deal? Please.

Let's think about this; according to reliable sources (AHA), in 2016, there were more than 840,000 deaths related to heart disease in America alone. Heart disease affects millions worldwide and kills people EVERY YEAR, and so far, the so-called impending doom by so-called climatologists and their celebrity cheerleaders, the oceans should have flooded and drowned out entire coastal civilizations a couple years ago! Hmmmm, seems like we have a certain exaggeration of the urgency here. Death, versus polar bears maybe having to swim further....hmmmmm.

But I digress; let's talk about war.

It is estimated that somewhere between 50 to 56 million people have died from war. And wars can start over the most mundane of issues. Yet if you watch the news, and see how sabers rattle so often, it's safe to assume there are some big issues out there that could really get the ball rolling. Let's start with countries like North Korea or Iran. These countries are ruled by people who believe in ideologies that control the people...not just make them follow laws for everyone to get along, but actually subjugate and oppress their people. From the oppression of women and children in the Islamic Iranian regime, to the people worshiping their leader as if he is the god of North Korea (in their eyes, the world) - and we're more worried about polar ice caps melting than we are some trigger happy radical pushing the 'button' and launching a missile that takes out another country's power grid, or eliminates thousands, in an instant?

Then there are the thousands of people killed in gruesome fashion every day in Africa, by warlords who train captured children to be soldiers like them, and kill the innocents who don't pay them tribute, or don't provide them the goods they demand. Of course, you have civil wars between small nations in Africa, with not much civilization, and yet men with machine guns pillage entire villages of people who work in fields or hunt and fish. Or perhaps we could talk about the Christians who are murdered and enslaved in Muslim cultures; it is happening. This isn't just some fiction that the author of this article just made up. According to BBC, even conservative estimates put deaths of Christians around the world at 7-8000 people per year, just being killed for what they believe.

But we had a bad hurricane season a couple of times in a decade, and the world is going to end because of what's supposedly causing that? Please-

What about disease? The top killer diseases in the world, according to, are Tuberculosis, diarrheal diseases, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, lung cancer, COPD, lower respiratory infections, stroke, and coronary heart disease. Now don't get me wrong; disease has been around long before mankind...

but so has 'climate change'. Yet because some jokers who made millions off the sham of 'global warming' (it's been known by many names) say the sky is falling, we need to all revert to socialism and everyone be on equal footing, because somehow making 'life fair' and 'saving the planet' will take away disease, and war, and hate? I don't think so.

Do you really want to know what we can diagnose as the impending crisis of the planet?

I will tell you... the death of America.

Forget your polar bears and your recycled cans and your electric cars for just a second, and let's really break this down.

Because I am not hear to tell you Julius Caesar shouldn't have listened to the seer.

On the contrary, I think he should have delved further, and try harder to actually identify the threat. And that is what we have going on here. The public around the world is being duped, because they have misidentified the real threat.

I've stated this before, but in order to have a world-wide government, it will have to be brought about by extreme force, where every single person on the planet will have to go along to get along, and conform in every aspect of life. Guess who stands in the way of that happening?

The United States of America. And so many people don't even realize how close to the brink this nation is. We have had a former sitting president try to usurp the current president, and people who voted against the man that fills the position now don't see the problem. The system was corrupted, and it was corrupted by the man that left. The proof is everywhere. But that doesn't jive with the mainstream news, because they are all about bringing about that forced conformity. And the collapse of our political system is just the start.

With the United States in power, the US Navy can mobilize and render aid to multiple places around the globe. Nobody else has the same capacity to do that; not like we can. The United States has become the leading exporter of oil in the world; if our nation falls, that oil would just be used to power the motors and engines of war for the global power that is sure to come. But right - polar bears swimming further (their numbers are not dropping like previously thought, by the way) is a much bigger problem.

What about the crisis of our fertility rates in this country? Has anyone thought about that? Oh, sure, it sure isn't falling in the Muslim communities (conveniently). But generally speaking, married couples of the traditional sense are dwindling. People are having fewer children. I am not sure where this is going to lead, but it can't be good.

But, hey, murdering babies is okay - no crisis there, I'm sure.

Better recycle that glass bottle, mister.

What about drugs? Illegal drugs come across our border in all manners of ways, and we have powerful people in our government claiming that there is no emergency down there. Hmmm, the very same people that want to lead the charge for global warming are the people who want to condone killing babies, originally supported separating parents from children, and allow human trafficking to grow rampant right across the border in places where you can stand with one foot in America, and one foot in Mexico. And let's not forget that the military and ICE and Border Patrol have even captured and fought terrorists trying to come through the border, either in the dead of night, or through tunnels discovered by authorities.

But you mighty seers of climate change, you might be right....we should beware our own 'Ides of March', just like Julius Caesar should have done. But maybe, just maybe - you haven't correctly identified how the end might come.

Turns out, there's a certain book, that tells the tale...

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