Indie Autor Jason E. Fort and his family


Jason E. Fort was born and raised in Greenville, SC, by a traditional southern family. He is the oldest, and biggest of three boys. His parents allowed him to be heavily involved with a small local church, and he went on to attend a small Christian college and pursue a brief career in education as a PE teacher. Along the way he taught and coached basketball, baseball, and football. He also found his way into the fitness industry, and eventually the YMCA. He wanted to make more money for his family, so one day he walked into a local bar and asked about a job as a bouncer, after hearing about the place through a neighbor. After a five year attempt at being the nicest bouncer in town, people began telling him he needed to go into law enforcement or security. He began working as a police officer in 2010, and still works as a police officer to this day. He grew up with a flair for drawing, and has since channeled that creative energy into storytelling. His stories are meant to enlighten readers by using real current events and speculating 'What if?', with an emphasis on conservative values and Christian beliefs. Although he provides intense action and violence (but not gore) within the stories, his upbringing in church depicts a theme that no matter how bad things get, God can still shine a light through it all...a concept that is more American than most people are willing to admit.

Jason E. Fort
Caleb Rivera is the illustrator for Fortress Books novels.
Caleb Rivera
The first book cover Caleb illustrated for Fortress Books

About the Illustrator

Caleb Rivera is a multi-talented artist whom Jason met through law enforcement services at a large healthcare system. Jason approached Caleb about becoming the go-to illustrator for his Knox Mission series because Jason grew up loving comic books, and Caleb's gift of creating comic book art impressed the author. He also realized that he liked Caleb's drawings a lot better than he liked his own. Over some brief times of acquaintance at work and meetings at Barnes & Noble, Caleb and Jason discovered they share many values, such as love for Christ, family, and country - so they decided to combine their creative efforts. Caleb has a unique flare for creating artwork that depicts emotions in characters' faces; even conveying a sense of wonder and belief in his renderings of certain important figures from the Bible. You can find the beginning of Caleb's contribution to The Knox Mission universe on the cover of Book 3 of The Special Edition - Misled: The Klansman, as well as the cover for the first book in the series, The Hunters...Tracking Game. Stay in touch with the John Knox series books, because Caleb will be branding this universe and giving life to characters for which words can only do so much justice.

Caleb's version of JESUS as his muse for art.
Caleb's version of a self-portrait, from behind - haha
Christ suffering; Caleb's vision of the suffering he bore.