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       The Foundation

Every Fortress must have a foundation. You have a chance to be part of this one. Fortress Books is the place to find your next fast-paced Christian Novel. If you become a member of this mailing list - prepare to read conservative views, the next great thriller, some speculative fiction, and stories about assassins. If you are a member, it means you took the time to read my work - or are interested in doing so, and it made some personal connection with you. If that's the case - let's make this Foundation stronger...tell your friends and family where to come to find a good thriller. Being part of the mailing list means privileges to exclusive news (my quarterly newsletter, The Cornerstone) about upcoming novels and contests, and it will even grant members of my most loyal fan base the ability to influence where some of the stories may go. So don't wait any longer; just fill out the blocks below and sign up today!

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