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Fidelity? Bravery? Integrity? Not Today

Updated: May 4, 2020

There was a time when I thought being an FBI agent would've been the coolest job in the world. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was supposed to be the ultimate example of law enforcement, not only in the United States, but to the world. When I was a kid, heroes like Elliot Ness were legendary. Your action movies consisted of the 'good guys' of the FBI, bringing down some of the toughest criminals. The agents of the FBI were supposed to be the cream of the crop; the upper echelon and pinnacle of law enforcement officers, supposedly 'above reproach.'

But as my Granny used to say to me, on those nights when I'd visit and watch MacGuyver, or Michael Jordan playing basketball, or our favorite sit-com, Coach...whenever she'd see some craziness on the news, she'd look right at me and say, "Jason, the times, they are a'changin'! "

Now the supposed picture the media wants you to see when you think FBI, is of a giant 6' 8" oaf, who thinks himself a patriot, who wants to preach to the American people about the standards of this great country - and yet couldn't even admit under oath that his entire agency had screwed up. This 'pillar of the community' from the age of Obama, wants to tell us how his loyalty is unwavering - yet he ran one of the most politically biased law enforcement agencies in the history of the country, where law enforcement in its role is supposed to be absolutely UNBIASED. You would think the highest law enforcement in the land would uphold that standard. But we know that Strzok and his lover made it plainly obvious that the bias ran rampant in the FBI before our current President took office.

So much for my childhood impression of the esteemed FBI!

Why am I writing this today? Why do I even feel like it should be expressed?

Frankly, it is just another symptom of the moral decay in our society. But seeing as how the Federal Bureau of Investigation lauds itself also, especially in the funerals of those that died serving their agency, of also standing for fidelity, bravery, and integrity - I thought it should serve as the grandest sign for us all that we have indeed fallen far.

I discussed the aforementioned oaf who used to direct the beloved FBI with a friend of mine. We agreed that if either one of us served that agency, knowing the level of corruption that existed, and obviously has existed for some time now (Anyone? Anyone? Mueller? :) ), we would quit our jobs there in a heartbeat...because the feeling of serving something so stained and dirty would just make our skin crawl.

Look around us. Look at the behavior now that is promoted as acceptable. We have an entire wing of government politicians who condone behavior of gang members and illegal aliens, storming the US border with Mexico like they are owed something. We have politicians who insist those who disagree with the properly elected authority to fight opposition in the street. We have people teaching everyone that little eleven year old boys should dress in drag. We have Netflix shows galore that glorify sex in ways that were unheard of when I was just a teenager. We have the Boy Scouts insisting that morally corrupt sexual deviance be accepted to lead the youth... and you wonder why they're going bankrupt? We have Satanism being taught as an 'alternative religion', never mind the fact that this belief system has nothing but malice to moral virtue. We have abortion forced down our throats as not just a right, but a privilege to do so for empowered women. We have morality crumbling before us every single day, all around us.

So is it any wonder that the FBI should be corrupt?

Don't get me wrong - I bet there is dirt on Trump. I bet there is dirt on every single politician that ever served in America. I bet every person who tastes power has succumbed in some fashion to corruption, and 'dirty deeds'.

But what should bother us, what should make everyone's skin crawl...what should really get more people than just me and my closest friends riled up - is the fact that this moral decay is not only in plain sight, but it is openly accepted with pleasure by the masses.

Fidelity, bravery, and integrity shown in service to the highest agency in the land? Maybe at one point; maybe when society was slightly more wholesome.

But not today. Of course, that's just my two cents.

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