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The Knox Mission... and so much more


Agent John Knox is an FBI Investigator in the Detroit Field Office. He is the head of the Hate Crimes Division, and he soon becomes partners with Malik Sharif. Knox is a Christian, and Malik is a Muslim. The two men share qualities and skills that are hard to beat when they are both operating on the same page. Knox and Malik share the same mission of ridding America of racists and bigots and religious radicals in this country, but the Knox Mission is about saving more than just lives. John Knox wants to save people's souls.


Book 1

An Egyptian holy man for the religion of Islam is assassinated, and the killer leaves a gold cross as his calling card. The same Christian assassin kills on US soil, and it is now up to the FBI and Interpol to bring him to justice. FBI Agents John Knox and Beth White team up with Interpol Inspector Malik Sharif, but they are at a loss when the assassin leaves no trace of evidence at crime scenes. Meanwhile the assassin is starting his own personal war with Muslims, and the government he works for becomes suspicious. Can a Christian FBI agent and a Muslim Interpol officer put aside their differences, and perhaps even use them to track down the assassin? Can Agent White battle her spiritual demons? Can the agents find the killer before the media turns the case into an international religious circus? Join the investigators on a journey that will remind you of the latest assassin-style video game, and your latest crime novel. But before it's all over, ask yourself - is the assassin any different than you or me...or is he just - Misguided?


Book 2

Russian mobsters are dying in a federal prison, and at first, it looks like it may be a case of racism and hate. But Agents John Knox and Malik Sharif realize they are dealing with one elusive killer, and things are turning out to be much more than they seem. Between Malik's encounter with his dad for the first time in years, and John Knox's discoveries involving the possibility of capturing the same man who killed his former partner, the agents have more than they bargained for. Why is the killer targeting Russian mobsters? Will Malik find the spiritual awakening which it seems Knox and Malik's dad have experienced? Is there something more sinister, and far deeper behind the death in the prison? Follow the two agents and meet several new characters in this second installment in the Knox Mission series as they discover murder, racism, hate, conspiracy, and even hope through it all. But just when everyone seems to think they have it all figured out, you'll see they are all...Mistaken.




Book 3
Agent John Knox faces ghosts from the past as he and Malik have to track down a mysterious killer who is creating social disorder by killing both cops and black criminals. Meanwhile a small witness to the brutal murders wrestles with fears of coming forward to the right people and telling them what he has seen, while dealing with nightmares of men in white hoods and burning crosses. Through all the chaos, a former pro-athlete-turned-mayor has to try to reign the citizens of the city in without making the police department look like bullies. The Activity will be at it once again; this time holding puppet strings that could very well effect the way law enforcement is carried out in cities across the country. Can John Knox use memories from the past to help the FBI prevent a chaotic future? Can Malik offer assistance without getting too distracted by OTHER factors? Will citizens of Detroit keep the peace...or will they just be MISLED down the path to social disaster? Join your favorite two agents again as they take on their most challenging mission yet, in this thriller ripped from the headlines that will have you look inward at your world view and ideas of how people treat each other... In Book 3 - Misled.

The Hunters  

Tracking Game

Book 1

A form of martial law is already in place. A subversive entity has infiltrated the American government. A radical form of religion has its hands in US business, and US military leaders are running out of options. In the meantime, Agent John Knox and company have to track down whoever is murdering the military elite, Malik has to protect his father from a kill order because of their apostacy, and a former assassin and his adopted father are on the run from the law. What do all these people have in common? Find out as they all play a part in the Tracking Game.

Hunting Parties Kindle Cover.jpg

Hunting Parties 

An ex-con sits in a cell, being interrogated by a Muslim Sheikh. An assassin and his female counterpart are hunting down ISIS leaders in an attempt to change the current American landscape. A former federal agent is helping a former killer and his cousin in the mission field, and they’re not just preaching the gospel. This is just how the story starts. Hunting Parties follows the tales of several characters as they hunt for answers; answers to questions that have a direct impact on the future political climates of America and Europe. Who is holding the ex-con prisoner, and why don’t they just kill him already? What’s in store for the assassin, and the woman he is falling for? What can the armed and dangerous missionaries do about the radical Islamic onslaught that has befallen Europe? How are all the parties in question related? Find out more in this story of political and religious intrigue, where Muslims and Christians, killers and pacifists, and children and their parents are all at odds with one another. Can the Hunters all find what they seek?

last cover for jason.jpg

Open Season

Forget what you think you know!
Imagine a world where America is no longer the nation it once was; a world where apocalypse has brought down much of the infrastructure, and a large band of warriors left over from the days of the USA hold out in the base at Mount Weather, Virginia. What happens when the soldiers and lookouts at Mount Weather experience the inexplicable, with werewolves, and the undead, and demons, and things that creep around on the ground? Where are these strange phenomena coming from? What is the source of their power? Find out what Paul meant in the New Testament when he said we face powers of evil from the heavenly realms as well as the dark forces of this world. As the Maronite Christian Order and the military remnants of the Southern States of America find themselves in great peril, discover truth alongside the legendary Robert Brady and his friends, as the power of the Holy One reveals that Robert Brady serves a greater purpose; one that allows him to see the unseen, and fight as a holy warrior for God. But along the way, Robert stumbles upon secrets that the devil holds, that allow his power to affect our physical world. Can Brady and company use the secret against one of Satan’s generals to score a victory for their Heavenly Father? Can the believers overcome insurmountable odds, as demons form legions against them? It’s Open Season on evil, and the Hunters aim to settle the score with demons once and for all.

The Brady Chronicles

Dead Memories

Sometimes a person has to die to their old selves and become something new entirely. Robert Brady is such a man. Follow the man who has been an assassin...a soldier...a husband...a father...and a believer. But now the world thinks he's dead. After a teenage prodigy uses the miracle of science to bring him back from the dead, Brady must re-discover more of his past and adjust to a darkening world around him. Before long, he comes upon a town about to undergo an incredible evil. Can the people of the town accept a man formerly known as the Jesus Assassin? Can Robert Brady regain a part of himself that the townspeople can trust? Can Brady help the town defend itself from the rising darkness? Read the next thrilling story in the John Knox universe, where the dual nature in one man will never be more Book 1 of the Brady Chronicles - Dead Memories.

DeadWrong cover Amazon.jpg
Dead Wrong

An ancient evil has awakened; a demonic presence that visited this world before. The man once known as the Jesus Assassin finds himself drawn towards the evil, his sense of purpose and the source of the mysterious evil seem to be connected. The man named Robert Brady has even become something of a legend; local Radicals who’ve met him and survived have spread rumors of the man that rival tales of Bigfoot. While traveling the new Radical territory, Robert Brady acquires a traveling companion; a Belorussian woman who is on a mission of her own. In their trek to battle evil, they encounter other characters who have their own battles, and Brady and his new companion help fight the good fight. But in a new fractured America, after the Day of Insurgency, how long can Brady and the young Belorussian woman survive in the Radical Midwest? What strange, new threats will they have to confront? Can Brady come to terms with the man he used to be, and can he accept the hero everyone wants him to be? Will Brady discover the chief end of the ancient evil that draws him north and then west? Will Brady discover a new power within, that can stop demons? Find out in the second installment in the Robert Brady series, where the author tackles the supernatural, in Book #2 of The Brady Chronicles - DEAD WRONG.

Characters that Started it All

John Knox

Agent John Knox is a southern gentleman who happens to be an ex-cop from Birmingham, Alabama, who felt like contributing to federal law enforcement, and wound up in none other than Mo-town...Detroit, Michigan. He heads up the Hate Crimes Division at the Detroit Field Office for the FBI. Knox's co-workers would be hard-pressed to even mention John Knox without also talking about his partner in fighting crime, Beth White.

Beth White

Agent Beth White is a young lady who graduated from MIT with a degree in Math, only to use her brilliant analytical skills in the field of law enforcment after her older brother lost his life in the same line of work. Beth is Knox's partner, and while Knox provides the brawn and common sense aspect to the team, Beth provides the breaking down of details and scheming up new ways to catch bad guys.

Malik Sharif

Malik Sharif is an Inspector for Interpol, out of the European branch office in Brussels, Belgium. Malik is actually American born, and he is a Muslim. He uses his unique background, including a brief stint with NYPD, to solve crimes of a sensitive nature. The assassination of a Muslim imam in Egypt eventually leads him back to American shores, where he bumps into FBI Agents Knox and White.

Robert Brady

Naseem Sarraf

Chief Petty Officer Robert Brady was at the top of his game and a member of Seal Team 3, when his parents died tragically on Sept.  11, 2001 in the fall of the towers. Brady then joined a Counter terrorism unit in the CIA, where he prospered and hunted down jihadists sympathetic to al Queda. After 14 years in intelligence, members of ISIS obtained personal information about Brady, and kidnapped his wife and daughter - and filmed their execution. One can only imagine what Brady did next...







Naseem was born in Beirut, Lebanon. His real father was from an order of Christian soldiers and assassins called the Maronite Order; a class of Christians who fought for the cause of the Jewish people forming and maintaining a nation. Naseem's father was killed right in front of him, and an American soldier took Naseem in as his own. He adopted the boy and raised him as an American. Naseem learned about fighting from both his real father and his adopted father, Terry Mitchell. His skills and intelligence eventually led him to work for the Activity.

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