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A One of a Kind Soul

We were on opposite ends of the spectrum

As anyone could see...

You the Loves-life-to-the-fullest Bartender And then there's straight-laced Me.

You the short little scrapper,

And me, the big Teddy Bear -

Yet whenever someone used to want to fight you

You bet your Butt I was there.

Back in my Days at Chicora Alley

You were one of the ones who welcomed me most

You always tossed me the Red Bulls,

And you rooted for our Tigers the most!

Your smile welcomed me every weekend;

It didn't matter what kind of mood I was in...

I could always count on ol' Jacob

To Cheer me up with a Grin!

In a time back when we were strangers

People would never guess we'd be friends;

Funny how a place like Chicora

Can change ALL of our trends.

You helped me feel like one of the guys

Instead of just a bouncer looking over the crowd.

You always laughed at my weird faces

When I thought the crowd was too loud!

Though after I left Chicora

And it could be months 'fore I'd see you again,

Somewhere downtown I'd spot you,

And you'd still Cheer me up with a Grin.

Jacob, I don't know why you left us

But I have an idea or two.

Somewhere the good Lord needs

More one-of-a-kind souls like you.

So you take that Grin of Yours,

Go where the Angels are Loud.

You Cheer up all those Folks in Heaven

And you wear your Tiger colors proud.

We're gonna miss you down here on Earth

Anyone on Facebook knows it's True.

Me- I'm Thankful I got to Know

A One-of-a-Kind Soul like You.

I don't even know the details my friend, but I sure wish I could have seen you again. Maybe one day...

Jason E. Fort


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