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Ode to Black Friday

Whoop-ty-doo I saved a few. But now my face Is black and blue.

But it was surely A worthy cause; I didn't hesitate, I did not pause.

I braved the hordes, I fought the crowds. Hindered best deals I could not allow.

I got there early, I stayed out late. It was so worth This China plate :/

I helped the market, I helped the stores And same time next year I'll be back for more.

So if you're strapped; Running out of cash, Might I suggest You make your dash

To the nearest Best Buy Or the closest Walmart. Just don't get trampled Or ripped apart.

You can save money; You can save face. If you pay full price Well that's a disgrace.

So join me now Or maybe last night... Black Friday's not just tradition, But it's your right.

Now, all you desperate shoppers out there... Get some 😂

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