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America First; (Insert your country here) First... It's Not About Being Selfish

It's not about being selfish. Many countries in Europe and around the world think the United States, and Poland, are selfish because they would dare say something like 'America first', or 'Poland, first'! But they are missing a part of the bigger picture.

First of all, try not to look at the USA, or Poland, or Russia, or anyone else as a single person. Look at them as a large family. People who were born into the family; people who were brought up in that family, with the benefits of being in that family, are not exactly going to understand if the leader of the family decides, 'You know what, these strangers from other lands, they want us to honor their wants and needs; I believe their needs and wishes will now supercede my family's needs.' Because that is really what it amounts to.

I know some people who know I am a Christian will cite Jesus Christ and His teaching, and how in especially the New Testament, there are many references to humbling yourself before others, and putting others' needs first. But if one takes a look at the bigger picture from the scripture in its entirety, it is not saying placate to all these OTHER groups before your family; do what these groups tell you because their goals are more important than yours.

Placating to OTHERS' desires is not the same as selflessly serving to help someone, or humbling oneself to serve another. Yet the world would like those who get suckered into the mainstream to believe that they are one and the same.

And as far as serving others, since when is it okay to superimpose will on another because they have a different opinion or point of view? See, I know I disagree with some folks out there. But I am not forcing anyone to read this. You can choose, right now, to stop at this point in the post. But just because my opinion may be different than yours doesn't mean you get to just shut me up. Since when is just agreeing with folks and nodding right along with them considered a service? People have disagreed with each other since the beginning of time. But there is merit to the old adage, 'agree to disagree'. Yet globalist thinking would have us think that we are being selfish for even having our own opinions.

Now let's go back to the family analogy. Let's take two families who may live in a bad neighborhood. Both households have young teenage daughters. We will pretend that one family's head of the household, be it mother or father or both, took it upon themselves to protect their home with an alarm system, a Beware of Dog sign on the fence, and even a big guard dog for a family pet. This family locks their doors at night and lets 'Rover' roam the front and back yard. The other family chooses to leave doors unlocked overnight, open their windows, and they have no guard dog.

One given night, a prowler comes to the house with unlocked doors and open windows. He happens to see their teenager primping up in her bedroom through an open window with the light on. Later in the night when everyone goes to sleep, the prowler sneaks into the home and assaults the daughter.

Now take the same said prowler who thinks he wants to have a go at the house down the street. But as he comes to this house, he sees a fence. He also happens to notice the Beware of Dog sign on the fence. He even sees a large dog walking around in the front fenced in portion of the yard. He notices all the windows around the house are shut. He takes a little bit of risk and goes up on the front porch. He tugs on the door and realizes that the door is locked. He decides to move on.

Now, what if he happened to visit the secure house before the unsecured home? Does this mean that it was the selfish concern of the other home owner for his own household that caused the second home to have a member of their family suffer an assault?

Ummm... NO!

Yet this is exactly the approach America and its current leadership have decided to take as it relates to secure borders, putting up a WALL (instead of a fence that says Beware of Dog), and making it harder to get in. And if someone is in need of a place to stay, and they knock on one of these two families' doors and ASK to come in - hmmm - maybe, just maybe, either homeowner is apt to welcome in a guest in need.

See, this is what used to be called common sense. This is how I approach most safety and security concerns. Yet more and more people, especially the higher the supposed education or the higher the position or status in community, want to put certain assets at risk, because it is politically correct to do so; because the masses don't want to HURT FEELINGS by, wait for it - DISAGREEING.

This is what we have come to.

All for the sake of how it might appear to others, and how you might, Heaven forbid, look like that 'selfish homeowner' who dared to protect his house. I have seen it everywhere.

Hospitals that don't want to protect their staff from violent patients...

Cities that don't want to protect their police officers...

Mayors that don't want to protect their LEGAL citizens...

Chancellors or Presidents that don't want to protect their LEGAL citizens...

supposedly competent people or groups of people in important positions that choose the reputation of their bureaucracy over the safety of their 'family' in the name of putting others first - in the name of political correctness.

Once again, I don't claim to have all the answers. But if you are one of those who has always said that people concerned about security are just selfish and worrisome - put yourself in the scenario I described above. What if you were the head of that household who chose to just have that open door, open window policy?

If your daughter were the one that got assaulted, somehow I think most of you would really be wishing you'd taken those other precautions.

Food for thought.

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