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These Two Are Not Compatible!

I read a news article today that discussed the new trend for so-called Christian leaders to embrace Islam, to the point of mixing Islamic verses and teachings with Christian messages. This is at the minimum, blasphemy, and at the worst, apostasy.

I almost can't believe this is going on today. We have exchanged peace for political correctness. There was a time when most Christian leaders would have spoken with Muslims peacably, but still not bend to the will of Islam and 'submit' like the religion itself wants. Instead, they would've at least said, 'We wish you no ill will, but we will tell you that Jesus is the Son of God, and there is no path to Heaven with Our Father, except through Him.'

Now fiction has become reality. I am reading a novel right now, and the author has nailed it on the head that her story is prophetic, and shows how this whole "Chrislam" idea that's being propagated by the Catholic Church, and especially the Vatican, could bring about dire consequences, probably will bring about the beginning of the end, and is one of the greatest threats to Christians today.

First of all, this can open up such open acceptance to sacrilige, that millions could be lost to damnation because they were so deceived and never knew the truth. And because of the lack of flexibility on the part of Islam with other faiths, this Chrislam will just be a one way street. While supposed Christians will bend over backwards and accept parts of the Muslim faith, the Muslims will accept absolutely nil the other way.

I understand the yearning for peace. Of course I support peace with Muslims. But the only true way to make sure that we are saved, and save Muslims along with us, is to tell the truth. Jesus said He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man can enter His gates and come to the Father except through Him. He tells us in chapter 14 of the book of John. Dear fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who read your eyes. If you've fallen asleep, wake up! The devil is knocking in the guise of Islam, and if you're not paying attention, the Church will lose many potential souls, all in the name of politcal correctness!

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