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You Can't Out-Stubborn Freedom

Galatians 5:1

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."

My military-loving (like me), or military-doing brothers and sisters in Christ (like my son) - take heed in those words from Galatians!

When I hear those words, I automatically think of the proud stubbornness of men in my family, when we want to dig our heels in and not move; especially when we know we're right. Sure, many people conjure up the mental image of a mule not wanting to budge when its master tells him to. But when it comes to a person staying true to what they think is right? That whole standing firm concept shines in the most stubborn of us all.

Our nation, although founded on the freedom of speech and freedom of religion, was founded that way due to Christian principles. The English government was that yoke around the colonists' necks. We fought a whole war against tyranny to remove that yoke. Galatians tells us to not let that yoke of slavery burden us again. This can be applied to so many aspects of American life right now. But the whole order by the current tyrant in the White House for military members to get the forced inoculation, or face dishonorable discharge? Why, that whole order itself is as dishonorable as you can get! The tyrant in office, thinks his Almighty dictates overrule the very freedom any one of us can have in Christ; all in the name of making sure you are self-righteous, feeling oh-so-better because you spared someone from catching a virus from you (except, it doesn't really work that way).

I'm here to say that the tyrants out there, have underestimated the sheer stubbornness in all of the patriots out there, who know from where their freedom comes!

You see, it's like the Christian martyrs who've been slaughtered in the name of Allah. Those radicals who held blades to missionaries' throats, telling them to swear allegiance to their demonic deity or else, actually thought centuries ago that their ranks would swell because of that. Although coercion did help the cult of Allah spread, it certainly wasn't converting a lot of Christians. And yet, through tremendous faith, determination, and digging in their heels, those Christians were beheaded instead of putting the yoke of Islam on their necks.

These government hacks actually think they can 'out-stubborn' the will of the ultimate patriots. They think that by using fear, they can convince the entire military to jump when they say jump. Sure, the nature of the military institution itself will have many soldiers give in.

But is this a wise gamble? Let's say you have thousands of patriots willing to be dishonorably discharged. Let's say it's a big enough dent in your military to really put a dent in morale. What about combat readiness? What happens when injections that haven't even had time to be tested against the elements outside the lab for more than a year, cause side effects in bigger numbers than you anticipated? How ready will you be for when China comes knocking?

To me, the mere order to force this unproven medical mystery upon soldiers at the threat of dishonorable discharge is treasonous. The tyrants in DC are using tyranny against the very force that is supposed to FIGHT TYRANNY!

Yet there is still that unshakable truth. When one is truly free, they're not going to let a little virus, dangerous or not, control every aspect of their life. I inserted a picture of myself on a small mountaintop because I don't think there are too many places on earth where people can feel more free. But to reach the top, it takes determination and work, and I daresay - stubbornness. I have to dig deep down for the will power to not let the mountain, or the climb, or the exhaustion, keep me from reaching that freedom. I challenge our armed forces faithful out there to show the tyrants how stubborn you can be.

Anyone who keeps up with the big picture of world events, and end times, knows that this is part of a bigger agenda. Tyranny is of the Antichrist. But in the end, even that jackleg won't be able to out-stubborn, or outlast freedom... as long as individuals acknowledge that their freedom is in Christ.

No amount of coercion in the world can counter that.

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