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Tribute to Man's Best Friend

They greet you with a friendly tail wag

And large eyes that reveal the kindest soul

They make life anything but a drag

They can lift your spirits right up out of a hole.

They have brows that show their feelings

They turn their head in funny ways

You can fuss at them for some of their 'dealings'

Yet they always seem to brighten your days.

They can tell when something isn't right

And they'll come to the rescue in a flash,

Whether that means giving a bad guy a bite

Or even chasing down a burglar in a dash.

Or they can slobber you all over with kisses

Because you come home after a long hard day;

We laugh at them for some of their misses

Yet we'll do anything for them, come what may.

Yes, we've always called them man's best friend

Who knows how the first friendship really went?

But I can tell you; they'll love you till the end.

These furry creatures are surely Heaven-sent.

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Dec 11, 2021

That's a doggone good tribute to man's best friend. I still haven't dedicated time to looking at the download you sent me with the draft of your latest book. I don't know where my time goes. I guess my priorities must be wrong!

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