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Will It Be Worth All Those Millstones?

Mark 9

42 “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me[a]to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.

Will it be worth all those millstones-

You people full of evil?

Will it be worth swallowing all that water

Like wood swallowed by a weevil?

Will it be worth your foolish pride

When the Good Lord exacts revenge

For all those innocent lost souls

On all those bodies on which you binged?

Will it be worth all the bodies from the womb

Just to say you should have planned better?

What excuse will you give the Maker

When He comes collecting from His debtors?

Will it be worth drowning in a Lake of Fire

Because you were famous and just wanted some fun?

Will it make you oh-so-proud of your actions

When the little ones are avenged by the Holy One?

Will it be worth the heavy millstone

Just to say, "But hey, it's their right?"

Will you stand by your complacency

When you feel that Lake's fiery bite?

What will be your excuse; what will you tell the Father?

Will you explain to our God why it was such a bother;

Will you tell Him that you were mistaken?

Will you tell him that you're sorry?

Could words like this even concern you

Or even initiate some worry?

None of us are perfect, and nobody's without sin.

But scripture is pretty clear; the words are plain therein.

Jesus loved the little children; there are examples galore.

Children born with purpose; children to adore.

How dare any of us be silent?

Know Christ's warning of the millstone

Protect the children every chance you can

Or earn a millstone of your own.

For don't you see, His time has not yet come.

There's still time for all to repent.

Stop causing all the stumbling, all the killing.

So your salvation can be Heaven sent.

So if you're still confused;

If you refuse to change your wicked ways-

Remember not just Jesus warned you

What awaits you in the End of Days.

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