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Warrior, Be Still

I sense your rage,

I sense your anger

I know you know

Your way of life is in danger.

But they can't control YOUR mind

They can't control your heart.

They still can't, to this date

Keep you from doing your part.

Warrior, be still.

Although it's bound to get tougher

And they'll insult your beliefs

If you still haven't been hurt

Stay your sword for inevitable relief.

If they haven't drawn blood

If they haven't injured bone

Hold on a little longer

And know you're not alone.

Warrior, be still.

Although they mock your faith

Although they mock our history

Although their plans and design

Can no longer be deemed mystery

I know you're fit to be tied

I know their taunting is annoying

I know their dangerous ideas

Make them almost worth destroying.

Warrior, be still.

Although it isn't yet time

And justice only belongs to God

Although most of our nation's woes

Are because daddy spared the rod.

Although America was once seen

As the beacon for freedom and hope...

Although those freedoms are under fire

And Christians are under a microscope...

Warrior, be still a little longer...

But when the limits have been reached

When the enemy breaks through the door

When their eyes are filled with hate

And towards your loved ones they roar...

When there is no more time to wait

When it's no longer, 'Katie bar the door,'

When their offenses finally cut you...


Be more!

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