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The Freedom Trailer

If you pay attention to news outside of the mainstream, you may or may not be familiar with a trending movement along the border of Canada and the US right now; the Freedom Convoy of 2022. For those who are not familiar, the country of Canada has had some of the most stringent and ridiculous, tyrannical mandates on vaccines since this whole debacle started. It was announced by their not so illustrious leader, Justin Trudeau, that all truckers and employees of companies traveling across to other provinces must present vaccine passports, should those provinces require it. Thus started the amazing, hundreds of miles long, thousands of truckers strong, convoy of eighteen wheelers that refused to deliver their loads as long as these tyrannical mandates were in place. Police in places like Alberta, Canada, even pulled many truckers over, and called tow truck services to tow the trailers and their trucks away...only to have the tow truck drivers jump in line and "roll on highway, roll on along!"

One can imagine how frustrated this makes tyrannical leaders who have globalist control in mind. Suddenly, all the division they worked so hard to sow amongst the people, is backtracking in the name of freedom. Until the governments find ways to provide mass transit to cargo and goods on a wider scale, without human drivers - the tyrants have run into a problem. And I salute this stand for freedom. I hope they continue to hold that line, and keep rolling on.

But the freedom for truckers to do what they do, and the freedom for the markets to do what they do, is not near as important as the trailer I see on my drive to work every day. Right off of old Highway 123, between Easley, SC and Clemson, SC, there stands a trailer. It is an old truck trailer that I assume was used to transport loads of goods at one point or another. This trailer has been on this property overlooking the highway at least since I was a PE teacher in the early 2000s and working out past Clemson. And stretched out across the side of this trailer, in big red letters on a white backdrop, it says plainly for all the world to see: JESUS IS LORD. There are even some small lights on the ground that shine up at that same trailer once the sun goes down. It is perhaps one of the most unremarkable icons at first glance, and yet the message is as solid as diamond.

I've written before about how it is through Christ Jesus that we are free. Whoever keeps this trailer on display, has given me yet another sign of hope. You see, those who take control through tyranny, would never let such a display stand. Those who are offended by Jesus, cannot allow messages that take away the lordship of the almighty State. Those who would take away freedom, and lock loved ones in quarantine or remove loved ones from houses, would not stand for such a sign of freedom. Those who represent something like godless communism, would certainly never allow something like freedom of speech, or freedom of religion.

Don't you see? As long as I get to go up and down that highway, and I can see that trailer that says JESUS IS LORD, there is a sure sign that tyranny hasn't won yet. As long as I can see that trailer, that may have even driven in some truckers' convoy years ago, and it has that large evangelistic banner displayed for all those who travel between Greenville, South Carolina and Clemson - there is a sign that tyranny hasn't won yet!

So I hope and pray, those Canadian truckers keep rolling on for freedom, until freedom from ungodly mandates rings through their land. But in the meantime, henceforth I shall dub this fine old trailer off Highway 123 as the 'Freedom Trailer' - for it is Jesus who makes us free; not any institution or dictatorship created by man!

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