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Scrambling for a Legacy

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Before I dive in, how many people out there feel like this world is moving closer and closer to strange, prophetic times?

How many people have big plans, but somewhere in the back of your mind, you feel like because of the way things are going, you might not ever see those plans come to fruition?

I know what some of you fellow believers are thinking (my sweet mom and my wife have already fussed at me, I know):

'Jason, if you are a Christian, then you already know how this all ends, and God is in control.'

And you'd be right.

But, think of it this way (because I couldn't help but think of it; not saying it's right or wrong, but I thought of these things just the same):

  1. How many people that understand that, also know and see and read all the same insanity in the world news, and ALSO happen to see themselves as the PROTECTORS of the family?

  2. How many PROTECTORS, feel like they've entered this role because God made you that way, and you feel like you can't just sit back and do nothing?

So what in the heck got me going on all this, anyway? And what does it have to do with legacy?

Well, let's start with the things that have been on my mind for the past 24 hours.

  1. Family members have announced that they are strongly considering selling stocks.

  2. My cousin and myself talked about somehow obtaining a bug out shelter.

  3. A friend of mine is working hard to write down and publish his own life story in law enforcement, and I get to be part of the editing process. His own words said that he wanted his kids to know what their dad did in his life... he wants to write that legacy down!

  4. My sifu in Wing Chun always talks about being prepared for that sudden violent encounter, and the warrior mindset. Add the fact that the large leftist cities in America are showing what's happening to the police, and yeah...this protector's mind tends to wander.

  5. My son has signed up to serve a cause much greater than himself, in the Army National Guard... and yet he and I both wonder what this nation will look like over the next few years that he signed on for.

  6. I have a plan to write and publish 22 more novels, to add up for a grand total of 30 Christian fiction apocalyptic works. I also plan to publish a biographical novel of my grandfather's life.

  7. My youngest brother and his wife are bringing a new child into this world very soon. What kind of world is it going to be?

Can anyone see why 'legacy' might come to mind?

Why does it matter? Heck, if I am a believer (and I am), and I think time is winding down, why do I care what legacy and work and reputation and memories I leave behind? This old world will be no more, according to the scriptures.

Ah. But there is the rub.

We don't know where we are in God's great timeline, do we?

And yet, according to the parable of the talents in the Bible, one who does not use what is gifted by the Master - loses the gift.

And that inevitable feeling of things speeding up, to the end of something, even if it is not the end of the world... has me feeling like I'm 'scrambling for a legacy' because I just don't know how much longer this thing called America will last. I feel like if I don't use the gift of protection and vigilance, then we will speed ever closer. And the strange sense of urgency makes me feel like there won't be things like Amazon, or publishers, or Christian fiction, or stories about police, or.....BOOKS, or a peaceful enough world for my son to serve in the military without going to war, or family not being able to move their money around, or a young family able to bring up their child in the ways of the Lord.

Again, if you're not in the head of the household role, it might be easier to just feel like 'God's got this; so stop your worrying.' The irony is my wife has always said that my faith has always been the spiritual rock for this family.

Yet working in law enforcement, and paying attention to the world, and thinking I may have to protect my family from anarchists one day... I gotta tell you - I just can't shake that strange feeling, that I'm scrambling for a legacy.

Here's to listening to Mom, and remembering ---- God's got this.

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