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Purveyors of Truth?

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

And yet the mighty Biden Administration has now determined that THEY will decide what is true, and what is not. THEY will decide what is disinformation, and what is not. THEY will decide which billionaires represent truth, and which ones do not. THEY will decide truth, according to THEM. Anyone else starting to maybe feel that the conspiracy 'theorists' have kind of been conspiracy REALISTS all along? There really is a THEY. It's pretty simple if you just know who and what TRUTH is.

Think about this: the same mainstream that praises big government, says to define your own truth. What do you think they mean with the whole 'What do you identify as?' question, in order 'not to offend?' What else would you call it? Believe it or not, there was an age (MOST OF HISTORY) where whether you liked it or not, you were either this, or you were that, and it was just fact. You were either a boy, a girl, a dog, a cat, an old person, a young person, a person with a certain color skin tone, or not. You could want to be something else all you wanted, but people's eyes told them the truth about you. But now?

Now you get to tell everyone that you identify as this, or that, and suddenly it is so.

So the government (and other governments besides the US) wants to take the most basic truth of each and every single person's existence, and make it SUBJECTIVE?

And we're supposed to believe they can determine what is misinformation, and what isn't?

It was once suggested by some ultimate wise person in history, to love your neighbor as you would yourself. No selfish motivation at all in that commandment, is there? And if society actually followed these words, we'd all get along better now, wouldn't we? Let's see, who said those words? Oh yeah - a guy named Jesus Christ said it was the second greatest commandment. And what did He say was the greatest? He said that the greatest commandment was to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your mind, and all your soul. So what would happen if we taught THAT as truth everywhere? Do you think we'd have half the problems that we do? Or better yet, if most of the people in the world did that, who do you think they would believe about truth? Maybe the same guy that said "I am the way and the truth and the life?"

What about family structure? How do we determine such a thing? And how would it affect the rest of humanity, and their views on truth? It turns out that the most stable families in history, have pretty much followed the biblical model God provided us in both Old and New Testaments. Crazy how that works out, right?

And yet, what have we seen the almighty governments of socialistic ideals do, with complete intentionality? Let me think real hard and long on this; let's see...they gave us a sexual revolution, a homosexual revolution, and now the insane gender identity revolution. Instead of stable families with a mother, a father, brother, and sister - the sexual revolution brought us higher divorce rates, the homosexual revolution brought us more sexual depravity openly accepted by society, and the gender confusion revolution brings us lower fertility rates for the foreseen future. Is it any surprise that governments and elites that think they know what is best for us all, and have been documented stating that we must lower our population, would design our world to work this way?

So the supposed 'purveyors of truth' (both the EU and the US have actually set departments in place to determine such 'truth') will now dictate to us all what is true, all the while selling a LIE that contradicts everything about Jesus Christ and His teachings. It turns out, there was a certain deceiver; a "father of lies" if you will. Satan himself has and always will represent the opposite of truth. And especially in recent history, the world seems to embrace the lies that contradict God's design.

Make no mistake. The government will dress up lies; they will claim truth and yet no truth will be anywhere to be seen; they will use fancy language and persuasive warnings to try to convince us all that they are the real purveyors of truth. But for those of us who have been paying attention, and stay TRUE to our faith in Christ - the world and its elite know-it-alls will be nothing - but purveyors of falsehood and deception.

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