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November Revelation

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

There are dreams and visions that sometimes one can't explain. I can explain many of the influences for this dream. But I cannot explain why I would wake up from such a vision at 4am, with tears in my eyes. They say the most vivid dreams you have are the ones that keep you up at night. This vision or dream or whatever you want to call it - wasn't just visual, but audible.

Yes, I am a patriot. Yes, I am passionate about politics and how they fit into God's historical Book of history written and unfolding before us every day. But I had to share this. Call it what you want - wishful thinking; just a dream; a revelation if you will; whatever you call it, it happened in my mind 'so hard' that I could not go back to sleep on a weekend night when the only thing I had to get up for the next morning was church, and that was not to be for several hours. So here is the poem I typed down on my phone, that I shared with few at 5 something this morning. I am sharing it with whomever wishes to read. Good Lord willing, may they have eyes to see and ears to hear:

November Revelation

by Jason E. Fort

Remember remember the 11th of November...

For a golden bird did rise, From the ashes and embers.

As the large eagle aglow to the sky did rise,

For all of those watching, he opened up their eyes!

For I saw in his talons, as he soared afloat,

A child in one talon - In the other a VOTE!

The golden eagle did land, and he spoke to the VOTE and the child.

"You are every VOTE, And YOU are every child."

"A joyous time is coming; come Wednesday you'll see.

God will save this land, this Land of the Free!"

"Have hope and you all will know, the devil and how he thinks he's won.

"You will actually see, the Awakening has begun!

For many VOTES you all did cast, and they were counted in great haste.

But the Lord will prove, your VOTES He did not waste."

"And you, Child, you represent the innocence in us ALL;

the faith in all of us who love the children big and small.

"For you see there will be vengeance, Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

And when all is revealed, even the sheep will be on board."

The Eagle did pause and looked back where he'd taken flight.

He spoke to enemies there standing, "What? You thought you'd win without a fight?"

He took off again, his talons charging full speed ahead.

The enemies just knowing; 'surely we'll all be dead.'

But at the last second he pulled up, and out of his beak he shined a mighty light.

And all of the enemies scattered below, they all lost their sight.

Yet gathered all around, was the rest of the nation.

And the Light did reveal, reason for true celebration.

You see the enemies' sins were all revealed for all of YOU to see.

God still fights; He fights for You and Me!

So take heart, give thanks; fall on your knees and pray.

For mighty God is watching, and His Help is on its way.

I tell all of you this; because it woke me in the night.

And I knew I was one of many, who must share the Light.

Take heart, Patriots, for soon all will be revealed.

Think of the children, and the VOTES, think of the General and the 'steal.'

"Think of all the spies; Think of corrupt and crooked deals.

Think of all the hitmen; Think of documents sealed!"

The Eagle screeched to the Heavens, and rushing down past the Light...

Angels did fly down and removed the enemies from my sight.

The Eagle spoke one last time, as the Angels did fly away.

He could read my look of confusion; the look of dismay.

"Fear not all of God's children; for this is just the Beginning.

But remember what you see here, because in the End, HE is winning!"

The Eagle turned to follow the Angels, off towards the horizon he flew.

As he departed I saw his color change - from gold to red, white and blue!

So remember remember, the 11th of November.

For soon justice will be served. And His vengeance... rendered.

Jason E. Fort 11/8/2020.

God bless the USA

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