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No More Sea; No More Fear

Revelation 21:1

Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.

I remember years ago, deep in the files of my longterm memory banks; my dad carried me in his strong arms down to the seashore for my very first encounter with the ocean. I couldn't have been more than three years old. I don't even know how well I could speak yet. But I do remember when Dad set me down in front of that immense body of ocean, as far as my little eyes could see, and probably for the first time in my life - I was filled with dread. Never in my short life, up to that point, had I seen anything so vast. It was also like deep in my psyche, my subconscious knew there was unfettered mystery hidden in the deep. To hear my mother tell me my true reaction, apparently I moved faster than I ever had. I got up, turned away from the humongous body of dreadful water, and ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction!

I came across these words in Revelation today, and it took my mind back to that experience - one of the earliest memories I have. But I read the words written down by John the Apostle, and as usual, it stirred my thoughts. Have you ever had 'deep thoughts' about the sea? Have you tried to just grasp the impact of the ocean on humanity, and all the symbolism and parallels to God's Word, and his ultimate plans for us?

Let's face it; as peaceful as the small photo I found to represent the token beautiful sunrise over sea is, the ocean is full of things that cause fear. Hello? Does the movie title Jaws ring a bell of familiarity with you? What about venomous sea snakes? Jellyfish whose tentacles can kill you with their toxins? What about huge storms like hurricanes? What about tsunamis, or tidal waves? What about all the different kinds of fish and sharks, that can hurt you? What about all the many things we don't even know about, because so much of the ocean is still unexplored?

Think about the reputation of the ocean throughout history. Think of all the myths and legends of sea monsters. Think of the traumatic events in history for sailors, and sea peoples. Think of some of the grandest beasts mentioned in legend; sea serpents... the leviathan... the Kracken! While we terrestrial people have always known and been aware of everything we can see above the surface of the water, the expanse of the ocean has always held a mysterious unseen world to the naked eye, and we don't have enough instruments on the planet to see the whole undersea world, or begin to unravel many of its greatest mysteries.

After coming across the words in Revelation 21:1, I couldn't help but think of how God has promised us a new heaven and a new earth, and tells us that there will be no sea. I couldn't help but wonder if all of these historical fears drummed up by the mere thoughts of the oceans of the world could be why He plans to have no sea.

But then I thought a little 'deeper.' It stands to reason that if one believes in God, and everything He tells us in His Word, then you absolutely have to have faith in the unseen; an unseen realm, if you will. The ocean represents an entire unseen realm, and a place that consists of many things of both beauty, and terror. I couldn't help but think about God's promises, where He tells us that there will be no more trembling; no more fears; the very things we are instructed to use to work out our salvation before the Day of the Lord... when He comes again and brings together the realms of the seen and the unseen!

Isn't it funny, how the depths of the ocean, of all things, can remind us of both Heaven and Hell, because we can see neither thing with the naked eye. We have to break the surface of the water to enter that realm, like Jesus broke the Veil between the seen and the unseen worlds of our reality. And He tells us He will break it again. Perhaps the fact that He promises that there will be no sea, lets us know that there will be no more mystery, and therefore no more reason to fear. No more unseen realm, for the entire creation will be seen, and the only reasons for fears will have all been swept away by the Lord and His armies!

Can't you just picture it?

And yet, I think how the world works right now, and I think of how He has not yet come. How did I ever face my fears of the unseen world we call the ocean? How do we venture or wade or pass into the unseen realm, outside of this real world?

To finish my story of my early memory, I remember my dad rushing after me, scooping me up, comforting me, and carrying me into the water, waves crashing into him, yet he walked through the water effortlessly. I slowly gained confidence as I realized I was safe from the things I couldn't see - as long as I was in my father's arms.

What if that is how we view life and death, before the prophecied Day of the Lord? What if you at first start down a wrong path to the water, but through fear and trembling, you turn away from the dark and terrible things of this world... and because you turned away from evil, you are scooped up into the arms of the Holy Father when it is time for you to enter that unseen world?

Yeah, I think I can have faith in something like that. Man, the things that can come to mind, when you dive into God's Word.

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