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More than Fist Bumps and High Fives

I've told the kids I see

This is more than just a job.

Some of the things I've seen

Might make a grown man sob.

But when I wake up everyday

And throw that thick Kevlar vest on

I sometimes have to remind myself

'These kids are only yours on loan.'

It's the laughs and smiles they give

That make me feel alive.

I've told them what keeps me coming

Is those fist bumps and high fives.

But when I think about it

It's more than that, you know.

It's the chance to teach them;

It's the chance to watch them grow.

It's the giving a shoulder to cry on.

It's the always lending a hand.

It's the firm voice when they need it.

It's teaching them when to make a stand.

It's the breaking up of fights

And teaching them the road they face.

It's about teaching them about mercy

And when to show offenders grace.

It's the funny and odd moments

When they forget how to cross a road.

It's yelling at them when they cross

It's preventing them from meeting the road.

It's the meetings with the principal;

The main one or an assistant.

It's teaching them to face the music;

Teaching them to not be so resistant.

It's teaching them about law,

It's teaching them about order.

It's about teaching them to clean up,

And not grow up to be a hoarder.

It's about encouraging them when they're down.

It's about helping them find faith,

Whether they ask you about your own

Or at least helping them find a way.

This profession that I've chosen;

Let's face it, it kind of chose me.

I've told them all that it's my calling.

Is it where my road ends? We'll see.

But it's more than just my job.

It's one reason I feel alive.

This road that I've chosen

Is more than fist bumps and high fives.

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