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I Tip My Hat to Him

I was driving to work this morning, and the country song, "The Keeper of the Stars," came on the radio. I listened to ol' Tracy Byrd (ok, ok, I sang along at the top of my lungs), and the words echoed in my mind when I sang the lyrics; "So I tip my the Keeper of the Stars..."

Although the song is more of a love song, I found the words apropos for the Thanksgiving holiday. I started to think of everything the Keeper of the Stars has provided in my life, and as I counted the blessings, I realized I could never thank Him enough.

So I agreed right then and there with the singer on the radio; the best I can probably do is tip my hat to Him. It probably didn't hurt that I had just read the first couple of chapters in the book of Job this morning, and realized how much Satan took away from Job.

But tonight, I want to tip my hat to my maker, for all the things I'm thankful for.

I tip my hat to Him, for blessing me with family. The picture at the top of this post is from Thanksgiving last year. The people in the picture - each and every one of them, are more precious to me than gold. My parents raised me and molded me; my brothers will always be there for me; my sisters-in-law bless my brothers' lives and thus mine; my niece and nephew make me smile and laugh, and bring me joy; my son makes me proud; and my wife is my best friend in the world.

I tip my hat to Him, for blessing me with a career path, somehow preparing me for each stage in this journey we call life. The Keeper of the Stars helped me see along the way, there are many ways I can serve Him - to do exactly what I was meant to do.

I tip my hat to Him, for blessing me with a place I can call HOME. I got to see blessings poured out on my parents, as they enjoyed the same home for more than 41 years. My small family has been able to enjoy ours for 11 so far; I thank the Keeper of the Stars for those years, and more to come.

I tip my hat to Him for friends. I've made so many friends over 43 years of life; all at those aforementioned stages in the journey. I thank the Keeper for friends who knew me in the very beginning, in my early years in the church - who are still friends I can call upon to this day. I thank the Keeper for friends I made in college, who helped me find my identity, and never judged me for that identity along the way. I thank the good Lord for all the many, many friends I've made on my career path. From education, to the fitness industry, to security, to law enforcement, and to the writing and publishing world - that Keeper of the Stars "sure knew what he was doing."

I hope those who read this post can stop and think - what are they thankful for? And if they think further, perhaps, they may even wonder WHO to thank. I thank Tracy said it best in the closing words of the song:

"Someone had a hand in it-

Long before we ever knew."

Then, if they're 'lucky' like me, they can tip their hat, too.

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