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How Many More Must Die?

Although there have been years past where we've almost doubled the number of police officers killed in the line of duty, it's kind of hard to avoid seeing the next headline, about how this officer or that officer, was just doing their job and got shot.

So here's a question.

How many more officers have to die before the public realizes that we have a morality problem in this cursed country?

If you are NOT in law enforcement, have you truly stopped to THINK about this?

What if you were just doing your job, any old day of the week, and then, because you caught up to someone who was doing something they shouldn't have, they simply turned and shot you, out of cold blood - just because they didn't want to answer to anyone for what you caught them doing? This is oftentimes what happens when you get right down to it.

Yes, there are occasions where officers escalated things too quickly themselves. But think about it. No true blue police officer goes into any call with the intentions of killing anyone. But the criminals that don't want to face consequences of something they are caught doing? They have no hesitation, no reservations in ambushing officers they either know are coming - or heck; even ambush officers minding their own business at the police station!

It is simply mind boggling to me how the narrative is always, 'well why didn't the officer do this,' and it is rarely, if EVER, why is the criminal so bold and willing to kill others to break our laws! It doesn't compute with my logic. It flies in the face of what SHOULD upset people... but instead, inevitably, the crowd wants to blame the cops.

Oh, but that's it, isn't it? The crowd.

The mob.

I guess I just answered that question without meaning to. If we know what the Bible says about sin, we know it is in our nature. And when you get the mob of the general public aware of violence and sin, with a message attached (such as the mainstream news has done for so long) - the mob becomes just like the emperor at the Coliseum, and turn their little thumbs down to say, 'execute them.'

So then if sin is the main problem, how do we answer the big question of how many officers must continue to die before the tide changes?

Basically, since we don't know when the good Lord will return, we cannot answer it.

Perhaps we can pray for the officers out there, who do a job, that if it isn't done, chaos and anarchy will rule. Perhaps we can pray that God protects them as they actually do try to protect all of us. They may not always be right there to protect you like some self-defense move or personal weapon... but their efforts to maintain order and enforce law make a difference.

I don't know how many more must die before enough of the public cares. But I know that if anyone puts themselves behind a badge for just a moment and imagines that as an average job, and then imagines that one evil person is lurking around the corner, waiting for you to call them on something, who won't hesitate to kill you... it can maybe at least get them to wonder, how many more must die?

And what needs to change?

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