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Hope on the Horizon

So much there in front of him

So much of the world left to see;

The sands of life barely touched yet

His future, a wide open sea.

Hopes and dreams? What are those?

He only knows what he sees then and there.

While the rest of the world goes round him

He just sees beauty, WAY OUT THERE!

He waves to the beauty he beholds;

The seas wave back in their rhythmic way.

The sunshine still far beyond his reach;

Does he even know it gives him this day?

At such a precious age, he usually must move

He has so much energy, don't you know?

But God's beauty, and brightness, and truth

Even cause a little one to pause, just so.

In that brief moment, where heaven is glimpsed

He is destined to learn many things.

But his chance to grasp at God's beautiful Light

O, if only the child had angel's wings!

The dark and bad things of this world?

They are nowhere here to be found.

What if we could all remember these moments?

Would our grown up worlds make so much sound?

Out on the child's horizon line

Where the sun shines it's glorious light,

May all of us strive for such innocent hope;

May all of us longingly reach for The Light.

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