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Freedom Day

Freedom... how many people have forgotten what that word means? How many people have forgotten how that freedom started?

I don't want to answer those questions completely, but today - Independence Day - is supposed to be a day to celebrate the freedom that thousands of men gave their lives for, more than 200 years ago. And many men and women have given their lives to ensure that freedom ENDURES.

So let's celebrate.

Today, I am free to drive and own a pickup truck. Today, I am free to wear a t-shirt showing support for the sitting President.

Today, I'm free to purchase and eat barbecue. Today, I'm free to go hiking in the woods.

Today, I'm free to sit and relax in my house and watch TV.

Today I'm free to come and go from the house as I please.

Today, I'm free to write in my blog.

Today, I'm free to spend time with my family.

Today, I'm free to tell people how I feel.

Today, I'm free to go on vacation from work if the company I work for makes allowances for that kind of thing.

Today, I'm free to write novels that reflect my interpretation of the world around me.

Today, I'm free to support who I want in politics.

Today, I'm free to go to a shooting range and shoot up some ammo.

Today, I'm free to learn self-defense.

Today, I'm free to proclaim whatever religious faith in which I believe.

Today, I'm free to continue helping to raise my son.

This is all just some of the many freedoms I have to celebrate Today!

But do you realize that the very freedoms I listed, were earned for the citizens of THIS nation?

Do you realize men and women have laid their lives down for the flag that represents this nation? Do you realize that the very same flag, with fewer stars back then, was what helped soldiers in the Union army, bring about the very state of freedom that allows people ignorant of history to take a stubborn knee on an athletic field? Do you realize that the flag waving on the battlefield helped soldier morale, knowing if the battle was still on and worth fighting for, or if it was time to retreat?

And it could all go the way of the ancient Romans in the blink of an eye.

Shouldn't we celebrate the freedom while we can?

And shouldn't we be willing to fight and stand up to the people who challenge those freedoms I listed?

Would you take a stand for those freedoms, if those freedoms were challenged?

I challenge everyone to think about the real history of the USA, and appreciate these freedoms. I've been fortunate enough to ponder on these freedoms this week while on vacation.

I pray the good Lord above helps us maintain these freedoms a little while longer, and maybe we can use those freedoms to help other people learn how they can enter this country the right way, and become an even bigger part of this experiment we call, America.

God bless America, and God bless you. Happy Freedom Day, July 4th, 2019!

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