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Exposing Satan's Invisible Kingdom: Part 2

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

I wrote one post ( several months ago, exposing Satan's invisible kingdom. In that post, I pointed readers to examples God gives us scattered through scripture, telling us exactly who Satan is. If you know who or what the threat is, it is easier to defend against it. In this post, however...part 2, if you will - I wanted to persuade readers to visit possibilities with me. This post will not have so much TRUTH in it as part 1. But I have spent a lifetime observing, what I think is Satan's arrogant battle plan, available for all the world to see.

I think the Devil blatantly, brazenly shows us all, exactly how he plans to take over the world. I believe he does this in the same way a true narcissistic villain reveals what they plan to do, thinking they're totally self aware of their capabilities and advantages - yet totally inept in the ability to see the possibility of their failure. Satan rules this world until Jesus returns, whether we like it or not. He toys with it and uses it as his playground... but he cannot see the possibility that he loses to God in the end. So what does he use that is so brazen and bold, in our face, that tells us how he will rule us all?



Pop culture.


Find the common themes that unite all of those parts of society. If one can find that common thread - I think, one can see Satan's bold faced plan to win. From plot lines in movies that aren't so subtle... to over-the-top acrobatic dance performances during halftime of worldwide sporting spectacles.

Don't get me wrong; I've always loved a good story. I especially love the stories where the 'good guys' win. But what if that Father of Lies, the Great Deceiver, found subtle ways to hint at who the real good guys are. You see, I think that is entirely intentional. Satan has used sex and violence in films, to lure the masses into supporting evil things, the same way he used gladiators in the Roman colisseums. But with discernment, developed by spiritual training and time in God's scripture, I think one can read between the lines and see Satan's prideful bragging about what is coming.

In Hollywood, for example; we can look at the great conclusion to a comic book movie series. The end game of the movie seems to depict a large finale, the good guys avenging humanity against a galactic evil conqueror. The hero of the movie, takes it upon himself to wear a gauntlet of endless energy, sacrificing himself with the declaration, "And I am, _ _ _ _ man."(Yes, I am avoiding any misuse of the copyrighted, trademarked properties). And to the great sadness of the movie audience, our hero dies, but the 'good guys' all win in the end, with the galactic menace finally vanquished. But I think, in so many ways, the hero represents none other than America. Throughout the comic book movie series, the hero represents military might, prosperity, independence, rebelliousness, wealth, sex symbol, stubborn, and a fighter. Sound familiar? And what happens in the aftermath of the hero's death? Why, global peace and unifying governments everywhere, of course. Now where in the world are we seeing a movement to remove America from the picture, or an insistence that America just help the world reset, put aside or 'sacrifice' its traditions, and come together to unite with all other nations? I will let you ponder on that for yourself.

What about entertainment in general? Pop singers? Broadway? Sports stars? Whether you watch athletes kneeling, and trying to show disdain for the nation they entertain ever being formed, or halftime shows showing a representation of Satan himself, descending from on high - you still see a subtle yet not-so-subtle message, that forces of goodness or patriotism must step aside or kneel... to the world. Kneel to the rest of humanity. Kneel to whomever is in charge of humanity. Sure, many of the easily offended out there will say I'm reading too much into it. Those same people have very short memories; I tend to remember every single example of this blatant idolatry of 'the world.' Read into that what you will.

Pop culture, of course, is tied into all of this. Whether it is entertainment, or capitalism gone rogue in advertising, what's 'popular' is the growing belief that the altruistic ways of countries from the West, are old hat, and the globalist, communist view is the wave of the future; the path to 'progress.' Commercials, politics, themes in some church sermons, and of course, education... these are all avenues where pop culture is used by Satan himself, to influence us all. Despite the fact that scriptures point to individuality as well as community, pop culture wants to contrarily point to the good of the 'common man' being best found through all facets of life being equal and fair. The irony (yet not ironic in Satan's eyes) is that the so-called righteousness espoused by those that believe all things should be fair, is rooted in coveting. Ah, can you feel the progress?

Speaking of progress, look at the science of today. New, popular themes studied in science keep pointing towards a future for artificial intelligence. The peak invention of mankind, where man can finally feel like gods themselves, because they found a way to 'create' intelligent 'life.' Add the nature-tampering sciences of nanotechnology, particle collision, virology, and cellular growth technology - and we can all see a trend towards the inferiority of mankind.

Is there a plan evident in all of these things I mentioned? I think there is. Like I said, I didn't write this to so much expose you to truth, as to persuade one to speculate, based on evidence observed by each of us every day. The good news is, in Satan's pride and arrogance, he fails to see the possibility, that in the end - he loses!

Food for thought this February 14. Happy Valentine's Day... but this was just my food for thought today.

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