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Creating a Culture of Cowardice

Look at the picture below. I edited it to make a point to the Chinese that their portrayal of our feckless 'leader' does not represent all of America.

But that original cartoon (which copyright laws do not allow me to replicate in full, but I can change the image) is from media in China. THAT, is how the predatory nations out there see us. THAT, is how all our enemies see us right now!

An old adage: "You're only as strong as your weakest link."

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - it is NOT GOOD, when the person we hold in the position to be our leader - IS OUR WEAKEST LINK! And embracing this guy as leader, is just one symptom of American society, creating a culture of cowardice.

We didn't just evacuate Afghanistan; we surrendered. That is not the fault of the brave men and women who serve on the ground. Strategic retreat would have and should have been pursued, for unwise strategy in the past, from past leaders. But now we put people in high positions, military and elsewhere, that have no business being in those positions because they either want this nation to fail - OR - they don't have the courage to make the hard decisions it takes to succeed in the face of fear.

Just as courage is encountering fear, and going in to face it anyway...cowardice is seeing the fear, and not just turning from it, but running from it. And our society is inundated with little things that add up to big things, that increase the chances of weak minds, running away from all things fearful.

Do not misunderstand me. I do not condone bullying. But there is a difference in focusing on coping with bullying, and teaching folks that sometimes, you can't just cope. Sometimes, you have to stand up to it. In a similar manner, there is a difference in being afraid to ever encounter any sickness ever again, and taking a chance at life, and just living with some old fashioned common sense caution. Masks and germs have been associated for a long time... but we've created a society where people are literally afraid to go outside or enter a building, ANYWHERE, without a mask. And then, our glorious lawmakers, under the guise of caution, order people to mask up because they are afraid of the impending numbers of sick people. Are they being cautious, or is there another agenda? While you ponder that, also consider this: we've created a culture where people are AFRAID to be themselves, so they create new identities just to fit in. We've lost the will to stand out, and we've created a media hype all around the idea of being 'woke,' 'inventing yourself,' and yet not encouraged to ever have one original thought.

Everything I mentioned, is driven by fear. And giving into that fear, or running away from it in the physical - or metaphorical sense, has become a norm. Predators, and corrupt powermongers, WANT YOU TO BE AFRAID. When you're afraid, you are easier to control, easier to manipulate...and you become more dependent for security, instead of independent and in charge of your own security.

If cowardice is too hard of a truth for you to swallow, fine. Call it a culture of insecurity. But when I saw the original cartoon, the unedited version of what I posted above? I couldn't help but shake my head in disgust. Whatever happened to the land of the free? And the home...of the brave?

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