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An Anniversary Year in Review

Instead of my usual Year in Review post I do every late December or New Year's Eve, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on the 20th year of being married to the most generous, big hearted woman I know.

We've had quite a journey together over the past 20 1/2 years of knowing each other, and I cannot imagine my life without my wife. After 20 years of getting to know how to push each other's buttons, how to pick each other up when we're down, how to offer just the right words or just the right touch when life throws those curve balls - I have to say, I think Rebecca and I have really learned how to tackle life as a team.

Although our spiritual journey as a married couple has been Topsy-turvy, this 20th year has really been a sign of our closeness with God and each other. From listening to Audible Bible chapters with my wife while taking a day trip through the mountains, to laying down beside each other at night discussing the latest chapters read, to sitting down and watching episodes of The Chosen - I am truly happy to be our spiritual leader, despite all my temperamental flaws and stubbornness.

After 20 years of marriage, we built a home (figuratively speaking), raised our son to know God, and have given a nice, warm home to more than a few furry friends. We finally found our places in the professional world, that suit us and our personalities perfectly. We have come to terms with the changing political climate of our world together, and we will face whatever new crazy politics come our way together as well.

We've celebrated my writing accomplishments one book at a time. We've celebrated Jay's milestones one year at a time. We've celebrated new successes and progress in my wife's teaching. We've celebrated having a son in the military, who has taken after his mom's dad in so many ways, and taken on responsibilities in this world with his own initiative. We've celebrated arrivals and birthdays of a niece and nephews.

We have struggled with financial stress but come out on the winning end. We've struggled with the reality of age, for both ourselves and our parents; time is the great equalizer, and teacher of humility. We've learned that keeping up with the Jones's is for the birds; we'd rather just be the Fort's...because we are who we are - what you see is what you get.

Take us as we are, or don't...but we have each other, we have family, we have friends, and we have the Lord.

Yep, 2021 brought all sorts of strange world news, so I'd rather not review any of that stuff. Instead, I will just thank the good Lord for spending just a little less than half my life with the perfect girl...the perfect girl for ME.

20 years? Man, where'd all those years go? Good Lord willing, we will be able to celebrate another 20 or so. Thank you Rebecca Fort, for loving me and being my life companion. You take good care of me, and I hope you know how much I appreciate it. I love you.

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