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America, Don't "Throw Mom in the Trash Can."

When I think about mothers on Mother'sDay, especially my mother, a picture comes to my head similar to this picture of my mom when she was young. Sure, the picture is actually from a time slightly before she was even my mom - but I even remember her hair being longer in similar fashion to the hairstyle pictured. And my cousin perhaps described my mom best when she saw this picture; she called it the "epitome of beauty and grace."

And yet, as a little whipper-snapper, little Jason had the audacity to scream out in his room when he threw temper tantrums when he didn't get his way: "I wish I could throw Mom in the trash can!" Pardon my French, but - what the hell was I thinking?

Obviously, I have since matured and realize that my mother loved me and has always loved me with all her heart. But the young, childish version of me didn't know what I was saying. Had I chosen to never do any of the things my mom taught me; had I chosen not to love, and had I chosen not to get along with my younger brothers, where would I be? I can tell you for certain, I would be in a much worse place in my life.

But look at our country. Look at what we are allowing to happen to our nation, because certain crowds have gotten their feelings hurt, have become angry, and have even suggested or even attempted legislative or educational maneuvers to break up the American family. The mainstream tantrums have led people to insinuate that mothers are now just 'child-bearing persons,' making them sound impersonal and unloving. The sexual deviant behaviors of the alphabet soup community have families of dad plus dad, or mom plus mom, setting up childhood scenarios of gender confusion...and just where will Mother's Day end up then? You see, I am not here to judge, but this is another case where I think the socially and spiritually immature just haven't thought it through.

Where would we be as a society without our mothers?

Where would all the well-fed soldiers in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s be, if while their fathers were away working and the age of 'Suzie homemaker' hadn't had all those loyal, loving mothers packing the lunches for the future soldiers of America? Would we have even stood a chance during the Cold War if not for the days of 'Pleasantville' America? Where would we be without the mothers who became our single mom heroes in the age of broken families?

Ah, but there's part of the problem. We men have fallen down on the job of trying to keep the family together because we fell for this temptation or that temptation. Oh, but the list could go on. Where would we be without the moms who used the same loving talents and skills to nurture, to translate to the field of medicine and nursing? Where would we be if the moms of the Christian mission field didn't follow their hearts and use their drive to serve God in nations across the world? Where would we be if the moms, like my own mother and her mother before her, didn't give themselves to the job of helping to raise other children in the classrooms of America. Mind you, I wish the government had kept its ugly hands out of education, but the bottom line is so many working moms were teachers, who I have witnessed first hand, love other parents' children like their own.

Where would we be, without our mothers?

If it seems like an absurd question - good. Then consider this; if the leftist agenda and the Marxist groups who keep pushing radical social ideas into our colleges and our education system, and even into our churches, keep going the way they are...then the only MOTHER we will all have, will be the state.

So before you go full communist. AMERICA, think it through. Whatever you do, please oh please...don't "throw Mom in the trash can."

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