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America 19 Years Later - Still a Worthy Cause

I know right where I was 19 years ago today. The serious young man pictured above is my son - and he wasn't even a thought just yet. But now 18 years after he was born in June of the following year, he has decided to serve a cause that is much greater than himself.

Those of us who remember Sept. 11, 2001...if we are being honest with ourselves, we remember quite a different country back then. If you're like me, you remember people being shocked by the events, but proud to be an American and rallying to remember those we'd just lost. Forget about being angry at some terrorists; forget about the drums of war for just a moment. Don't you remember songs by Alan Jackson and Toby Keith? Don't you remember the American flags lining the streets? People of all races and ethnic groups who had something to be thankful for, IN THIS GREAT NATION, rallied under that flag.

There were no athletes turning sports into politics. There were no riots in our AMERICAN CITIES. There were no calls for impeachment or attempts at coups, or Covid-19 outbreaks. There WERE - people who loved our military. There were - people who loved police and firemen everywhere. There were - salutes to those that died; both on September 11, and the ones who went before, for serving causes greater than themselves. There was no trashy social media to pollute our minds and infect our hearts with division and disdain for one another. The mainstream media, though still slanted, still reported news and events, rather than directed it exactly where they wanted it to go (Yes, it was getting worse, but nothing compared to the mind control we witness on today's news networks). There were prayers before athletic events. There was solemn respect for the National Anthem. There was - genuine love for our country, by the majority of the folks that lived in it!

Nowadays, we see rioting. We see news stories that only tell you how to think and what to think. We see commentators speaking about how our country was built on nothing but racism and hate. We have college professors and activists claiming that our old way of things needs to be wiped from history; the way of progressivism and socialism is the only path forward... (because that has worked out so well for every other nation that's tried it?). The media - the divider in chief who spews lies about our history, or misdirection away from all good things American - has somehow caused a great deal of amnesia to a whole host of souls here in the good ol' USA. That lack of ability to remember flies in the face of Darrell Worley's song from that dreaded time period right after Sept. 11, 2001 - Have You Forgotten? And yet, it really does seem like so many have forgotten, despite all the Facebook memes and posts every single year that remind us all to 'Never Forget.'

Yes - our country has changed. Everything changed that day, regardless of the theories of who did it and why. Close to 3000 people lost their lives. Icons of our greatest strengths were attacked, and American freedom would never be the same afterwards. But just because the country has changed, and so many naysayers tell us that our history is built on hate...doesn't mean this country isn't worth fighting for. I've spoken to veterans who tell me that they don't know if they would sign up today, if they came up in this generation.

Personally, I think that is a shame. America is more than just a geographical location; America is more than just a place several million of us call home. America is more than pizza and beer and cheeseburgers and American football and baseball and muscle cars. America is more than just the strongest military in the world. America is more than a cool flashy name of a country that inspires the color scheme of red, white, and blue. America was and is an idea; an idea that represents so much of what the good Lord created us to have.



Free will.

Is America perfect? By no means is this nation perfect. But it turns out, the Bible tells us about one of God's creations that fell from grace and is definitely not perfect. And yet, by God's grace, any one of us has a chance for redemption. I think America has that same chance. God gave us all free will, to choose Him, or not. God is also giving America freedom to choose whether to be a nation under God - or not. History will certainly speak for itself as to the final choices made.

But I look at my son's serious face, and I realize the reality that he is training to serve that greater cause, as I come home to a house each day and notice the void he has left behind... and I realize that he is fulfilling a lifelong dream - and I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT IS ALL FOR NOTHING. Those people who died on those planes, or died as those towers fell - I firmly believe they would agree with me. This nation we have is still worth fighting for. This nation is still a place for hope and opportunity. This great idea that started two hundred forty-four years worth defending to the death.

So if you took the time to read this, please - never forget...and never forget America. For she is worth fighting for, and it will take a lot more than religious radicals, the news media, rioters in the street, political puppets, and billionaire global elitists to take us down.

We may not be perfect, and we might not last forever; but I think the people who died on 9/11/2001 would agree - God bless America, while we still have it.

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