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Spiritual Warfare - What if?

An ongoing battle between good and evil…is it happening today? If it is, how would we know? What evidence do we have that this kind of thing is going on?

First of all, there is nothing I can tell you to answer these questions in some finite, concrete way. I think first and foremost, you have to have a faith or belief in such possibilities. I don’t think an atheist could ever see such creatures unless God wanted them to; I think an atheist would probably just meet death before either an angel or demon, even though I believe they are real. I think that’s kind of how it works. If you’re not even willing to admit their existence, why would they reveal themselves to you? What would be the purpose? Unless of course, God wanted to give any given person at any given time the abilitiy to see such things…I don’t know – but I’ve always thought it was an interesting subject.

Now there are going to be people who read the first few lines of this and think I am just some nut, and that’s fine…but I must tell you, I have never personally seen either agent, of good or evil. But that doesn’t mean I can’t believe they exist. I’ve never personally seen the wind either, yet I know it exists; I feel its effects; I’ve witnessed its impact.

But think about this; how can a person explain all the unexplained phenomenon out there regarding ghosts, and impossible events? What about evil itself? Scientists have trouble even defining it, other than “a purely neurological glitch or malformation in the wiring of the physical brain, in eliminating the element of freely willed conscious choice.” (

Say what?!

Seriously think about all those people out there who seem to have no moral code, or a twisted moral code that, to them, justifies such heinous acts as murder. How do you explain this? I, for one, think some evil people can be acting a certain way because they are possessed. I think some of our so-called ‘crazy’ people could be possessed as well. Jesus Himself cast out demons; so did his disciples. Who’s to say that those beings can’t possess someone or something today?

What about those strange coincidences where horrific accidents happen, or even something like a terrorist act is perpetrated against many people in a crowded setting – and yet there are a few miraculous escapes and survival stories? How can some of these folks ,through the strangest of circumstances, make it out alive, sometimes even unharmed? Many people chalk it up to coincidence, or luck. But what if it happened because an angel somehow physically effected the events?

See, I think the Bible is not just a book of actual history, but a book full of miracles…the supernatural. And I don’t think the supernatural just went away just because time has gone by, and the years of antiquity happen to be when the Bible was written. Quite to the contrary, I believe our modern times are just a continuation of that great book, the Holy Bible. And I think the angels and demons are kind of like the human fingers going across the keyboard, forcing errors along the way – or editing, correcting, and even saving us along the way, while the story is happening in the pages of time. And since God tells us He is in control, like the author typing or writing the story, He can reach in and intervene, manage His angels, stop a demon, you name it – whenever He pleases. And of course, He plans to intervene for one last time at the end of days.

Again, I’ve never seen or witnessed the supernatural take place; perhaps the unexplained, but no supernatural beings that presented themselves to me. And this is going to sound crazy, but I think there are some folks out there who God has gifted with the ability to see both angels and demons. I think it would be like the ultimate peak performance level of the gift to discern good and evil. Although I think God has given me the gift of telling some people’s true intent, I am not at that level of discernment, and maybe never will be. But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe it.

See how closely faith would have to be tied to this concept? If it is something you never thought about, take some time and read up about the possibilities. All I know is, if the Bible is God’s word, and is as true as I believe it to be, but for some reason angels and demons aren’t with us now – then there is some major explaining to do by The Almighty when I see Him – but then again, if I believe He exists, why wouldn’t I believe in the other stuff? Food for thought – enjoy untangling this mess later…

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