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The Approaching Storm

I was asked recently, "Do you feel that we are nearing the end times, and do you feel like it's necessary to be prepared for this?"

I had an answer, and although it was not too different from what I am about to say, I've had time to think about my answer, and I want to make sure people understand where I stand on this.

Now let me start off by saying I am a Christian, and I firmly believe that my heart is already prepared for the end times, regardless of when they happen. I also would never claim that I know or have complete understanding of God's timing; it has always been something that has kept me in awe. I have even written or made reference in the past on God telling us that His return will come like a thief in the night, and nobody knows when that day will be.

But I look at it like this; the end times prophesied by John of Patmos in the book of Revelation, as well as books leading all the way back to early in the Old Testament are like a dark storm that we know is coming. The Bible is like a weather forecaster who happens to know, 100%, that the storm system is coming. The RADAR and doppler show it is with absolute certainty that this storm is going to hit us, but the instruments just can't get a reading on exactly when. It's like the forecaster can see the storm coming for sure, but he knows there is a huge microburst just trying to come out, but there is no way to tell exactly when it will happen. And since I think time is finite to the Almighty, then my answer is, yes, the time is growing nigh in the great big scheme of things. So then of course the question becomes, 'should we be prepared?'

I think part of the reason God has placed me on a certain path in my life, a path that led to law enforcement, and writing, and protecting - I think I would be shirking my duties as a Christian if I said no to that question. I think I have been preparing my whole life to find different ways to help others become more prepared for what is to come; from the dangers that may come, to the hopeful messages we can find intermingled with all the craziness of mankind and today's news stories.

What do people in Tornado Alley do, if they are at home and know the urgency is there? They gather their families and seek shelter from the storm, preferrably out of danger, locked away in the cellar underneath the house. What do the homeowners or store owners do when the hurricane is inevitable and is coming to shore in their coastal town? They shore up the windows with boards, and they either seek shelter in place, or they evacuate ahead of the storm.

Shouldn't we be doing the same? As believers in Christ, even though we know He is going to save us, shouldn't we be gathering our family members for the coming storm? That family, according to the Gospel, can be anyone we can welcome into the flock through their faith in God's Son. If a storm is coming and we know it, that's not a little secret we keep to ourselves. We spread the news. We try to rally the believers, and we have them prepare their own families for the violent storm ahead. Now I am not a prepper, per se...but I have no problem with those that are. I believe in being ready in your own way, and if that means the scout's way; the paramilitary way; the hoarder way - go right ahead. But I honestly think preparation of the heart is what matters the most.

But I still at least try to tell people, because I know some of the signs of things to come are dangerous and frightening in and of themselves. Trust God, but lock your door, because the ungodly will gain strength before it is all said and done. Don't get caught just standing there watching when the violent and evil attack. Protect yourself and protect others. I will do my part in that regard.

As for your heart, is it prepared? I recommend prayer...prayer for wisdom; prayer for courage; prayer for safety. But pray for discernment, and if you haven't accepted Jesus as the Savior of us all, read more in the New Testament of the Bible while you still can. Here's a link right here: .

Until next time, God bless.


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