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Danged if You Do, Danged if You Don't

Everyone who has read anything by me knows by now that I am not shy when it comes to telling you where I stand. And although I don't care for all of Trump's personality, I will take him over the few alternatives I have left - especially Hillary Clinton.

Now I will give you fair warning...this message is strictly subjective. But perhaps some of you out there who think like me will see why I have the fears in the back of my mind - that you're danged if you do, danged if you don't when it comes to this election cycle. Let me explain.

If you do vote for Trump, who I really do feel has a legitimate shot, and really do feel like he is in this race for the right reasons - I think you may be in for a long four years if he wins. Don't get me wrong...I think he will build that Great Wall of Trump between here and Mexico, and figure out a way to make them pay for it. I think he will build up the military again in similar fashion to how Reagan did it. I think he will somehow improve our job market and may even get a few more people to work.

But if he wins, these are the things I think you will see happen thanks to the culture and precedents set by the predecessor - the Muslim in office - and the entire left wing agenda that has torn this country apart:


Whether it is because certain supporters of Obama just want to prove a point, or because race-baiters and trouble makers like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Black Lives Matters so-called supporters, or even Black Panther members will feel like it is their place to demonstrate anything but peaceful protests. And with Trump's strong support of law enforcement that he has shown all his life, leave it to the opponents of Trump to exploit that and let social chaos erupt.


Yep, I said it. It would probably only be a matter of when; not if, if Trump gets elected. And I'm not saying it will be for the wrong reasons, or even with the wrong people. But I do think that hard liner mentality, that New Yorker in Trump - will bring us to war after certain things are said to get him all bristled up with a Defense Budget his brilliant cabinet will have put together. Once again, a lot of people think this is the best reason not to vote for Trump...but we'll get more into that in a while.


The haters of all infidels, namely radical Islamic terrorist organizations will use Trump's victory and inauguration as an excuse to justify violence, because of his so-called hate-speech towards Islam itself. Once again, more liberal bull that has been pushed on the general public until they either push back, or drink it in like Koolaid. The bolstered military will combat this, but nonetheless, I see it happening. It still isn't near as dangerous as if Hillary gets elected. We'll get more into that later as well.


Once he sits in the most powerful office in the land, Donald will be able to pull out all stops, certain liberal hands will be weaker than they were when they had the liberal mic dropper himself in office. That means his New York gloves will come off and he will unleash all the dirt he ever had on the Clintons. This is why the war against Trump has been so vile; because Hillary knows this will happen. And why would you ever want to go down without a fight if you have so much clout with the media. They have succeeded in vilifying Trump like he is the anti-Christ. But if Trump wins even after all that, mark my words - the war will still be ugly ugly ugly, and I think Hollywood will somehow be flipped upside down!

So, this isn't the fun and games we thought we would have if we ever got rid of the Muslim in the White House, is it? But guess what...IT GETS WORSE if HILLARY GETS ELECTED.

Perhaps if you DON'T vote for the Trumpster, and vote Hillary instead...


Mrs. Clinton and her entire liberal following will run our economy into the ground, trying to have more and more BIG Government Programs to pay for those people who feel like the government should take care of them; the tax payers will finally be taxed literally to death to pay for all the things the free loaders will not pay for OR work for. If you think it's bad now, there will be funding for programs nobody has even heard of yet. Our national debt is horrible; it is so high, I have no idea how any one country could accumulate that much debt in the first place - almost $20 Trillion! Now, imagine giving a woman with really tacky taste in pants suits access to a credit card backed by the US government - aye aye aye! Greece will look like economics professors once she's done.


The liberal lady will sing praises for big government programs and her great big bleeding heart will have all the Occupy Wall St cronies and all the We Hate Soldiers crowd cheering for more money for the poor. In the meantime, North Korea and Iran will achieve enough progress in their nuclear programs to be a viable threat to our once relatively safe location. ISIS will be growing their numbers and spreading their rhetoric. China will be doing their thing, getting closer and closer to being the world's premiere super power, and Russia will once against be butting into some poor smaller country's business and taking them over, assimilating them as they go. And our military budget will be cut so low that generals and admirals will be looking for jobs at police stations and security firms because we can no longer afford to pay those who have earned rank. It's not going to be pretty.


Do you feel safe in your neighborhood? Do you enjoy your freedom? Well, guess who's coming. That's right..the Muslims are coming...refugees by the thousands; nobody knowing exactly how many by the time it's all said and done. And while many of the refugees do need someone to take them in, they unfortunately all practice the same religion that tells our 'buddies' from ISIS that it's okay to throw homosexuals from rooftops, and chop off the heads of Christians, and force women to cover their faces. Hmm, here's a side question: wonder what Mrs. Clinton would say if some guy wearing his kafiyeh held a sword to her throat and demanded her put on a burqa? Anyway, the number of refugees will become uncomfortably high because Hillary and her inept ability to keep things secure (Benghazi, anyone?) will mean we just stop vetting these people altogether because - hey - that's discriminating! So, have you given it any know...about learning Arabic or Farsi?


The awesome precedent set by her predecessor (oh you know, never saying anything about the tragic loss to one single police officer ever on the news or in the public eye) where the police are the bad guys for enforcing, oh what are those things again - oh that's right - laws...this environment will only get worse when we forgive all the illegal immigrants for their crimes, thus giving them a sense of confidence that they can bring in more of their friends and commit more heinous crimes...and round and round we go. Anyone seeing a picture here yet? Cops will continue to get murdered; gangs will continue to war with each other and kill more cops along the way; more and more kids will drop out because of our education system and the BS forced upon them by Common Core.

I could go on, but this post is getting long enough. Point being, I don't feel very good about the future of our country. Nobody can help us but God. If we are a nation doomed to drown in chaos, if the aforementioned stuff happens or comes close to happening, then HE is our only hope. So, I know I haven't painted a pretty picture. I know this isn't exactly all roses and steaks (two items that are especially appealing to the eyes of men and women?). But there you have gut feeling of what's to come. Hopefully I am sooooooo wrong. But while you're at it, please, leave a comment on my contact page. How far off the mark am I?

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