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Oh To Be Daring

"Dare you know who you are," the truly inspirational, passionate author on stage said. This author pointed out for me and several other peers in the room that all we need to do to be successful is tell the world our story...the story of who we are in Christ! So he made me ponder - just who am I in Jesus? I thought I would take some time to put down into words who I think I am. First and foremost, I believe with all my heart in the identity of Jesus Christ. I think God has blessed me with a solid grounding that is extremely hard to shake. Does that make me close-minded? Depends on who you ask, but I will tell you or money or so-called science cannot shake my faith or make me become a sucker for the next best alternative religion. I credit my Lord and parents and church family for building that Rock of a foundation in faith. I also believe there is a clear definition of what is right, and what is wrong. This means I see the world in plain black and white. What standard do I use for this? Well, the Bible - and I use it because as I have posted before, I believe it is the one perfect story that has ever been written, and the author is still writing that great story. Seeing the world in this way means I will come across to other people as very opinionated. Well, in my heart, that opinion is based on fact. So if I write my stories, you can bet my sense of right and wrong will come out in my work. Lastly, I am closely tied to family, and this value that my parents have instilled in me will also come out in my work. My father has always believed in me. My mother has always comforted me. My brothers have empowered and inspired me. My grandmothers mentored me. My wife has supported me. And my son has changed me - so I ask you...where would I be without family. So of course that much influence, and blessing, has no choice but to be present in my story. Realizing all this, perhaps I can take on the same passion and fervor that my favorite author exhibited. Perhaps knowing these things about myself, and sharing the fact that I am who I am because Yahweh has made me that way, will help me share my part in this perfect story we call life. The best part...the Great Author has told us how it ends, at least the earthly story.

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