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Teaching - it's like Corn Flakes...

So there I was, laughing, discussing, demonstrating, repeating, guiding, training...teaching. Have you ever realized that although you may have left a career, certain aspects or duties that you had in a past career follow you wherever you go? There was a time when I absolutely loved teaching. I used to laugh with young children, teach them different exercises and rules to various games, different physical skills, and build their self esteem. I used very similar skills when I coached middle school and high school athletes, whether that be in the weight room, on the basketball court, or on a football field. Now I am a training officer...a police officer, but I train 'civilians' and security officers. In several training classes today, I got to enjoy that old passion once again. I had people participate and make the class fun. I had some people who wanted to know more. I had people tell me things or bring things to my attention that I wasn't even aware had gone on recently. It was like a pleasant flashback...back to the days when I was good old 'Mr. Coach Fort.' Although this seemed to be a longer week than usual at work, I ended it on a great note. I think the Good Lord opened my eyes today to show that once again, I have gone down various paths for a reason. My grandmother on my mom's side was a school teacher. My mother was a teacher. I was a school teacher...and I still get to teach - just a different type of student. But after all the classes today, and earlier this week, I thought about that great feeling of satisfaction when I felt like I really communicated to students, or in this case, peers - exactly what I wanted to get across. And even though it was a familiar feeling, I thought about the old TV commercial for that good old fashion breakfast cereal - Corn Flakes. Remember...'taste them again for the first time'...remember that? So anyway, I want to ask anyone out there. Can you think of past careers, and certain skills or activities pertaining to a specific job? Have any of those things stuck with you, even though you have moved on to other things? Just felt like sharing.

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