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What is the Activity?

In my debut novel, Misguided, I introduce readers to a very secretive branch of our government that I simply refer to as the Activity. But what, or better yet - who - are they? In my book, I refer to the Activity as being comprised of the top military leaders, the Director of the CIA, and the sitting President of the United States. I wrote that the Activity was actually started at the same time as the CIA back in 1947. So basically it goes back to the days of Harry Truman, and the changing of the guard from the OSS. Now while this all sounds intriguing, the Activity has had its hands in almost every major political action of the United States since 1947. I even allude to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Granted, every bit of what I write in my novel is fiction...but a lot of that fiction is brought about by fact. What IF...there really were an unseen, unheard group of people who really controlled the puppet strings of our government? I am not saying there is - but if there were, then how would we know? When I started the Knox Mission series, I didn't even mean to delve too deep into this conspiracy. However, I think this could lead to some interesting stories - especially as it relates to the further adventures of John Knox and Malik Sharif. Stay tuned as I write more...the Activity will have bigger and bigger roles in each book in the Knox Mission. And as the series goes on, maybe we will see just how far-reaching the influence of the Activity goes...

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