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The Perfect Story

I am a writer; a storyteller. In order to become a storyteller, I think you have to be fairly familiar with how other people tell stories. I have always been a big fan of stories told in all sorts of ways...plays, movies, video games, skits, and of course, books. I think every author of a story is trying their best to write that perfect's like the ultimate objective. All the stories that seem to entertain us the most are the ones that do such a good job telling us that story, and answering the biggest questions in the most ways that connect with us. But here's the catch - I don't think any of us are capable of writing the perfect story, because that is a task only achievable by God...and He has already done it. Think about it - if it is the perfect story, it can only be told for the first time once, be totally original, and have all the answers to all the reader's questions. However, since I believe the only perfect story ever written is the Bible, plus it's real sequel - HIS story (History), the story is not finished. The good Lord above has begun a work with all of us, and it will not be finished until it ends the way He said it would in Revelation. I honestly think that is why I am such a believer - because I have always been so drawn to stories, and His story answers every major question you should ask (although it might not be the answer we want to hear), and has every aspect that makes up good stories (action, drama, the 'unbelievable' or awe-inspiring, love, violence, reality, and most importantly...TRUTH). Who is God? The Bible answers that question. Why are we here? The Bible answers that question. Where did we come from? The Bible actually answers this. What is the meaning of life? See the Bible. Why is pain and suffering in this world? What is love? Why do bad things happen to good people? How do we overcome life's biggest obstacles? Who did it? Who, what, when, where, why, and how? No story in the history of the world has answered all these questions the way the Bible does in a way that doesn't just give humans some self-serving answer. The Bible does this and glorifies God...although eternal life with Him is promised, there is no self serving prize like 72 virgins, or the perfect golden palace, or getting to live as a higher being because you were good while you were here, etc. No, the Bible is ultimately Jesus's story of humility, but then power...the power of God! The perfect story, even if we know how it ends...because the best lesson of it all is that the joy in the writing of the story is not even knowing yourself all the things you will experience along the way! The best part is that we are all characters, in a grand story made up of so many plots and subplots, that the human mind cannot begin to comprehend it all. Yet, the author makes this story different from any other story - He gives his characters the ability to choose which ending they want to be a part of. How awesome is that? What is crazy is there are so many people blinded by pride and selfishness, they refuse to be part of the good ending. So here's the deal...if you don't believe me, at least start reading the story from the beginning. Then give the story a chance. Apply things you learn in the Bible to your life. Apply it to the pain and suffering in the world, and try to see it from more than just one human's point of view; especially from the point of view that we are not the author. Don't be so skeptical just because the rest of the world tells you to. If you do that, and give the story a chance...just like you may have picked up a book, gotten frustrated with how a book started, then picked it up later only to end up loving it - then maybe you will experience the story the same way I have in my life. I will continue to write stories. I will continue to strive to write my perfect stories, just as we Christians strive to live a Christ-like life, despite knowing we will continuously fall short. But I am excited as I write each story, because I don't know what all will happen along the way. I am going to try to get excited about living life day to day, as I attempt to play my part in the perfect story...won't you join me?

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