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What if...

What if this book I have written one day goes viral? What would happen then? What would I do if my debut novel suddenly started spreading, like 'wildfire'? Is that why I wrote the story? In a word - no. But I would gladly take the profits that would eventually come with that. What if the right movie producer then gets wind of my novel, and wants to make it a movie? What if I strike up the right deal with a screen-writer..or better yet, learn how to screen-write for myself? Is that why I took on this project? Again, I say - no. What if the book never makes it outside of my circle of friends and family, and a few hundred random people on the internet who downloaded the Kindle version for free? Does that mean I wasted my time? First of all, I am not finished yet. I started this story, and I plan on finishing it. How many books will it take? I don't know...but the more I write, the more I believe I increase my chances for success. Not to mention - I wrote a book! People who knew me when I was little - never would have predicted this guy to be a writer. An artist - maybe...but not an author. What if my novel just happens to fall into the right person's hands, at the right a time in their life when they are fighting a spiritual battle, and through some miracle they see through the action and craziness in the book and find the underlying meaning to it all? What if they decided to win that spiritual battle that day? Well then, my friends - that is WHY I WROTE the book. That would make it all worth it, right there. Even if I wrote twenty novels...and none of them made it to the big time - if just one person made the decision to turn to Jesus, that would make it all worth it. In the end, if you take out the black mambas, the assassins, the special forces, the CIA, the military, the FBI, Islam - what matters most in the story is the fact that one person makes that decision. So if this story were to have a tiny little impact like that in this great big world, then my very own "Knox Mission" would be complete.

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