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What would you do to protect your family?

To what lengths are you willing to go to protect those you love? Ask yourself that question, or ask yourself - what is your limit or line in the sand before you resort to drastic or violent means to resolve a situation? The main character in Misguided never got to answer this question because his family was taken from him, and he had no control over the outcome. But what if you knew someone wanted to harm your family? Would you try at all costs to fight for their safety, regardless of your training or lack thereof? Would you try to meet attackers' demands, or would you fight? This is something I think every 'man of the house' at least ponders at some point in their role as father figure or head of the household. I pray to God I never have to take action to answer this question, but trust me, I have thought about it many times. Me personally - I would use all the tricks in the book. I would use my strength, my size, my training, diversions, whatever it takes - to keep my family. So...what would you do to protect yours?

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