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Is YOUR Head in the Sand?

We live in a world where everyone yearns to feel safe. Yet all around us is evidence that various people with evil intentions will stop at nothing to carry out their plans to hurt others. There are all sorts of reasons and motives behind these plans and schemes, but for simplicity sake we will just chalk it up to the driving force of evil.

And yet, we have talking heads in mainstream news, and political figureheads that ignore the real issue of evil, and instead want to have the general public ill-prepared for when the 'wolves' out there decide to strike. They do this by re-directing blame to inanimate objects, and policies, and rules. This message is not noble. This message in this crazy world full of mad people ignores the problem of evil. This message sets people up for failure. This message sets people up to be victims. This message is what sets people up to get killed.

How, one might ask?

Simply put - denial.

And why would we deny anything? When do we as humans deny things?

Why, whenever the truth makes us uncomfortable, that's when.

Why would people want to deny the truth that evil is real and evil exists? Let's answer that by getting you to think. If a government or world-wide group of elite and wealthy people wanted to make sure people didn't believe in God, what is one thing they could also try to make the public think? One answer could be that they could get the public to not think evil is real, either. Look at the evidence all around us, permeating every facet of society and media influence in the world today.

Let's look at some basic principles that can be assumed true if one believes in God, and then look at examples of common themes in a common worldview that refute those assumptions:

There is a God or creator who is in control... vs. I AM IN CONTROL, AND THERE IS NO GOD;

The world was created... vs. evolution;

Marriage is a sacred institute between a man and a woman... vs. gay marriage or "sexual orientation" and gay marriage;

Boys are boys and girls are girls, and there are just two genders... vs. gender preference/ any # of genders;

There is absolute moral truth, and God is behind that truth... vs YOU get to define your own truth (sound familiar, Oprah fans?);

There are God's laws that we should not break... vs. Make your own truth and follow your own rules - Oh, wait!

But isn't a mixed signal being spread here? Let's get this straight; the world would like us to think that we can define ourselves what is right and what is wrong, individual to individual, but we can post rules and signs that say NO GUNS HERE or we can tell people they shouldn't have guns... and THAT WILL KEEP US SAFE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


You see? It is a complete avoidance of the real issue at hand... EVIL.

If a person wants to commit evil acts, the only thing that stops them from doing such is either an outside physical FORCE, or their choice not to do it.

We can rely on the fact that societies have agencies, or 'forces for good' (see what I did there?) to intervene when people do things that are evil and violent, to some extent. But are those entities everywhere, at a moment's notice?


But they want you to open up your borders. They want you to open up the sexual options. They want you to open up your home. They want you to accept everyone who is different (which is fine), yet if you differ in opinion from the elite mainstream, YOU will not be accepted.

They want you to deny there is a God. They want you to deny that evil exists. They want you to deny that there are people out there who don't care about laws. They want you to deny the fact that there are people out there who will hurt you simply because you don't believe what they believe. They want you to deny that anyone else can be in control except you... YET-

They want you to trust THEM. They want you to not deny THEM acess. They want you to follow laws that THEY see fit. They want you to trust them to protect you at all times, but not protect yourself. 'THEY' are people in high places whose ultimate goal is complete control, but they want you to think you are in control. They are people who would benefit one day, just THOSE AT THE VERY TOP, from one government to control us all.

Have you stopped to think about any of this? Have you always just felt safe in your own 'bubble'? Do you just trust the government to respond to every threat you ever face? Do you just do what THEY want you to do, sticking your head in the sand while the evil is around you, and just deny that it's even there?

Maybe it's time you started watching everyone around you, or maybe you already do. Maybe it's time you asked yourself, is it really possible to have your own truth, without it effecting everyone else around you? Is that any way for our continued existence as living beings on this planet? Maybe it's time you asked your friends and family around you to start thinking, what will you do if this happens; what will you do when THAT happens? Do you plan for evil people at all? Will evil people follow the rules once all those rules are in place? If you're a rule follower, and I am not, can the government assure you 100% that I can't hurt you?

Have you ever thought about an active shooter coming to your place of work? Have you ever thought about a mugger coming around the corner and trying to take your possessions? Have you thought about what you would do if someone invades your home in the middle of the night, and they happen to be armed and ready to hurt you when they do it?

Or has the mainstream convinced you that all that stuff just exists in video games and movies?

Is your head in the sand?

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