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20 Years Strong

20 years ago today, I said, "I do," to one of the most genuine, big hearted women I've ever known. She does life with me everyday. She knows when something is not quite right with my day, sometimes by just hearing me say one word or looking close at facial expressions. No, I'm not hard to read, but my wife of 20 years can read me better than anyone.

So what does a guy like me say about marriage after 20 years? I write so much now that I am hardly one to find short on words...but how does one do justice in describing what has been the biggest accomplishment and most treasured journey in life so far? Don't you see? My beautiful wife still takes my breath away, because she fills up my heart the way God meant for spouses to love one another.

There are details of challenges we've encountered in our 20 years that would embarrass my wife if I shared them, but just know that we've had them. There have been peaks and valleys, discovery of painful loss and regret, career changes, financial woes, raising our son, caring for dogs, gourmet meals, early marriage experimental meals, TV shows to love and hate, plenty of dents in cars, Jason 'oops' moments, and so much more.

I had to post something about this anniversary, not just because it is number 20, but who knows how many more we will be able to talk about on this world wide web? I figured I might as well share with the world, at least one more time on a potential global forum, how much I love my wife.

My wife would tell you, the profession of law enforcement and the state of the world has made me more cynical over the years. But I chose the picture for this blog post, because I remember how happy I was in that moment. There we were, relieved the stress and waiting for the big wedding day was over - ready to take on the world as Mr. and Mrs. Fort. Those were different times back then. Although we faced our speed bumps early in our marriage, those times were simpler in many ways. Yes, we were both new at the whole married-couple thing. But being able to look back over 20 years, all the ups and downs, and the invincible bond of love, friendship, and faith that I've formed with my wife... I can tell you that the big guy with his goofy smile somehow knew even back then, that he was about to embark on a wonderful journey in life.

20 years later, running our race to the end together - I cannot imagine ever running this race with anyone else.

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