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You Haven't Thought it Through

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

So you might be one of those who sways with the popular opinion from the mainstream about the evils of police officers out there? If so, I am not here to judge, although I am a biased police officer. I am not here to point fingers. I am not posting this to debate; there are legitimate gripes out there for some individuals who are truly victims of their circumstances - and those circumstances may have been unfair for those people from the start. But I am not even typing this out to write some rant about how life isn't and wasn't meant to be fair, either.

Nope. I am simply here, to warn.

I want to warn everyone, regardless of your position on law enforcement, and even your view on the history of this country or your degree of patriotism or lack thereof. I want to warn everyone, that we are now going down a slope that might be so slippery, that no matter how much traction we think we can regain, the collision with a destined police state might be inevitable.

So what does crazy conspiracy Jason mean now, you may ask.

Well, if you are all for the mainstream, you might be part of the crowd that has suggested at one point or another, 'we don't need guns to protect ourselves, because we have cops for that.' Hmmm, surely if you see those words, and think about our current political climate, you can see a problem there. The mainstream media also poses that we abolish cops; the real leftists and BLM supporters now want to abolish police. Now things get really confusing, when we add mandatory shutdowns, and mask orders here and there, and the suspension of crowd gathering - all to be enforced by, who again?

You might wish police would just stop proactive policing; maybe then the fewer encounters would cut down on the number of violent clashes between cops and criminals. Oh - wait; then the number of criminals who go out of their way to commit undeterred crimes, will just force more calls for the police. But then, if we abolish the police, who will respond to those criminals who remain undeterred?

Maybe you haven't thought far enough ahead...but did you think that maybe, the very government that brought about such police-state order for the virus shutdowns, might just substitute police - with machines?

Yes...I said it.

The old sci-fi robocop conundrum.

Do you think it's impossible?

Look up what our own military and other powerful nations have discovered in the fields of robotics, and artificial intelligence. There is plenty to read about, and plenty of video evidence that a technocracy is on the horizon. So what are we doing when we vilify HUMAN police everywhere? If you ask me, I think we are just ushering in the technocracy FASTER.

Are there scenarios where machines could handle things more safely than humans? Potentially. But what about those decisions that have to be made, that involve the empathy, and emotion, and heart of a person? Could machines do that? Or would the cold metal machines remain heartless and stoic as can be in every and all situations? Is that what you want? Is that what even the talking heads of the mainstream really want? I just don't think you've thought it through.

What happens when the government oversteps, and decides that because your grandpa, or your auntie hasn't gotten the next vaccine in time, and the machines are the ones who show up to enforce an order to remove your loved one?

What happens when you have no weapons to defend yourself or your loved ones against those government machines? Too far-fetched? Ask some Canadian families how they felt, when some of their family members were forcibly removed from their homes, by HUMAN police. What makes you think machines would make it any easier?

Go back and read through what I already posed. Do you honestly think this is just about the color of people's skin? Will a machine care? Then start asking, who is programming the machines? What initial ideas and mental constructs were used in creating the artificial intelligence that runs the machines? What kind of ability to use discretion will the machines have? What kind of appreciation for the sanctity of life will they possess?

Like I said, I am not here to pose the solutions, because frankly - I do think we are on a downhill slide. I think Jesus is the only one who can give any of us TRACTION to brake hard enough to avoid crashing to the bottom. But does that solve everyone's problems? Only those who believe, if you ask me.

Maybe society itself can adjust, adapt, overcome, and retool itself. Maybe revised training and schooling for officers has to change, although there have been slow progressive changes in those avenues in departments and agencies worldwide...and that is something that cannot happen overnight.

But I honestly think, you haven't thought it through, if you're one of those who is calling for the end of policing. Human nature won't respond well to that... and neither will the so-called progress of technology. Fair warning - now you can't say you weren't served.

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