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Western Warhorses of Eastern Wisdom

A few years ago, I posted about my visit with two wise spiritual warriors, whose forte in this life is bringing the joy of Christ to this fallen world; specifically to the mentally or physically disadvantaged. Today, I thought I would share a post about two more wise men, who are also believers, but bring something slightly different to the table.

Last night, and half of the day today, I spent time with my sifu, and my sifu's sifu. Warrior philosophers, sifus, masters, martial art gurus, pretty much the closest you can get to Shaolin monks without the Buddhism - whatever you want to call them, it was a joy to gain some wisdom of my own through their teachings.

Plenty of people read my blog posts from time to time. They know that I am a huge proponent of self defense and martial arts. I've often written about the significance of being able to defend one's self, and also morality involved in such matters.

But to listen to a man who served an entire 27 year career in law enforcement, who happened to teach one of the most dangerous 'average sized' men I've ever met? Well, let's just say, I could listen to their stories, their jokes, their experiences, and their advice for hours. And these guys practice a martial art that is the Kung-fu of Kung-fu. They eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff. When I see guys like this deflect and redirect different types of attacks with what looks like very little effort - that's when you know they're good. And this cool, but dangerous stuff they can isn't exactly American made. The Chinese actually know a thing or two about self-defense. And it was great getting to be in the same room with guys who have spent a lifetime learning such things from the Far East.

But ladies and gentlemen - think about where we are at as a society now. Regardless of where you sit in the political spectrum, it is undeniable that more people are ready to fight over stupid things these days. It is undeniable that there is moral decay and less regard for the rule of law in these modern times. It is undeniable, that the sanctity of life, is not appreciated to the degree that it once was.

If you read my other post about warhorses of wisdom, you know the Bible gives us all the wisdom we need to be wary of the darkness of this fallen world. And when we see even more proof, every day, of the decadence in society, perhaps it is time to ask yourself - will you be ready, when the time comes, if the time comes - to defend yourself or your family?

Have you thought about it? Have you thought about the actions you might be willing to take? Have you thought about the moral lines you will and will not cross? Have you thought about throwing your ego aside and keeping the focus in such matters on SURVIVAL; not how you'll show such an attacker who's boss, for even considering having the gall to attack you or your loved ones? Have you thought about the repercussions or consequences, should you ever have to take violent action, in a worst case life or death scenario?

Could you do it?

Would you do it?

How would you do it?

Have you ever thought about any of these things? The two gents in the picture with the big ugly bear in the purple t-shirt... they forced me to think about all of these things and more today. They both taught and instructed in some of those worst case scenarios, and they made each of the students in there with me think...

What would I do?

You see, there are some people not necessarily cut out for the violence in this world. But that doesn't change the fact that, the violence still exists. The Bible tells us in the 10 Commandments, that we should not murder. It doesn't say kill ; it says murder. So if we let someone kill us or someone else, without trying to stop it from happening - are we not allowing murder to take place? Is that not immoral as well?

It isn't hard to see the need for at least giving these things some thought. Once one can accept the fact that there are evil people out there, then they can accept the fact that those evil people will do evil things. Then one must consider, those evil people could do evil things - to YOU! Get these little shock factors out of the way, and then train on how to respond, should it ever happen.

Simple, right?

Well, at least it's simple to understand. It might not be the simplest thing to do. That, is pretty situational.

We concluded our training, I bought a book, we got to was a good time. But the older I get, the more I realize - one must not take these opportunities for granted. When you get the chance to learn from the war horses who have been there, done that, have the t-shirt, and bruises, old scars and injuries and hard knuckles to prove it... you go ahead and pull up a seat, and be all ears.

Because it never hurts (until you're over 40, and get lots of reps in; that can hurt a little, haha)... to gain a little more wisdom.

And we all might as well face it; this world keeps getting crazier, and none of us ...are getting any younger.

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