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She Couldn't Wait to Tell Someone!

I am so excited to share good news, especially in my first blog post of 2022!

I work as a school resource officer. So far this year, I've been blessed with sharing my testimony with several kids from my school outside the classroom setting. On one of those outings, I remember one girl in particular who wanted to talk to the cooperating teacher from the Christian Learning Center because she didn't understand enough about salvation. She missed out on some of my testimony, but then I saw her again at FCA. She did get to hear me tell the story of our twin sons, and the power of prayer, and how I do have one son here on Earth by the grace of God. And she told me thanks for sharing my story at FCA that morning.

Fast forward about a month.

The young lady gets out of her truck in front of the school during drop-off, and she makes a bee line for me. I told her the token good morning, but there was this glow in her smile. She was excited, and as soon as I got out the words 'good morning,' she told me excitedly, in front of a few other students -

"Guess what, Officer Fort. I got saved this weekend!"

She went on and described to me how she went on a youth retreat to the mountains, and something made her feel like it was the time to walk down in front of people and give her life to Jesus. She was so happy, and she told me to have a good rest of the day. I thanked her for sharing the good news with me.

Then I remembered Matthew 9:27-31. When Jesus healed two blind men, and they realized they could see, they could not contain their excitement. Although Jesus told them not to tell anyone at that time, they couldn't keep it a secret.

I don't think anyone will hold it against me if I say, it was really neat that she knew of all people at the school she could tell that news to without feeling judged in any way, there was old Officer Fort. But that silly pride in me takes a back seat to the excitement and sheer joy on this student's face.

Now I am no theologian, but I have a feeling this instance from Matthew, when Jesus told the men who could finally see, not to spread the good word - Jesus used a little early reverse psychology. I have a feeling He knew that those men who had been blind for so long, wouldn't be able to resist the urge to tell others. His little reversal probably just ensured the joyful telling of their story. And eons later, the young student that inspired this blog post felt compelled in the same fashion.

I'm glad she wanted to tell me. I hope and pray she gladly told others about her weekend; I know the joy in her smile at least told all of her friends, something was different.

But most of all, I am glad I got to see that the work of people like that cooperating teacher is showing fruit. Reaching the world for Christ, one person at a time...that really is the ultimate goal.

Thank you Lord, for letting me see the words from your great story come to life.

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