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I Am The Start...

I am the start to your day...

The percolating pops its harmonic way

The banging around of the spoon

The day will officially start soon.

I am not political or provocative

I'm not entirely evocative

I am rather predictable and trustworthy

And that first taste of me - o so good!

I normally come with a handle

I am rarely involved in any scandals

I can be black or white or creamy

My aroma is often quite dreamy.

I'm not exactly a religion

Though sites with cafes and pigeons

And cities and towns and buristas

And even churches serve me up good.

I am often served to you in a cup -

Yeti, mug or pot; whatever fills you up

All I know is my fans prefer caffeine

For without it, they can be quite mean.

I go quite well with scones I'm told

Or maybe that's just for when you're old

I've been known for a type of house

Housing singers and poets - o so good!

So the next time that you're pining

Or if you're worried, mad or whining

Brew you up a pot, you'll see

God gave you yet another morning -

-With ME.

Yes there are plenty of life's ills

Some might even be when I'm spilled

But I'm the start, to many people's day

And that first taste of me - o so good!

I had to write this. With all the negativity in the world news right now, I remembered that coffee in the morning is one thing I'm always looking forward to when I go to bed. It's hard to get mad about coffee, so I decided to write about it.

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