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God's Children ...

Today I saw the movie, Sound of Freedom, and the main quote from the movie stirred my emotions.

"God's children are not for sale," Jim Caviezel's character told an ex-cartel member, who changed course in his life after serving time, and bought victims of human trafficking to set them free. All the various emotions evoked from the story being told in the movie inflamed me inside; anger building towards the truth in the real world, that I know just from conversations with friends in law enforcement, even while on the job.

That truth is something that mainstream news has lately tried to convince the public is just 'conspiracy theory,' which makes me even angrier. And the public will fall for that nonsense, just because talking heads remind them of things like 'Q' and 2020 and elections and Evergreen...the list goes on. I thought I'd cool my jets just a bit, forgive some of the brainwashed ignorance out there (because after all, most won't know they're brainwashed, and that's the idea by the Evil One, isn't it?), and maybe help connect some dots for people, in a calmer manner than jacking some human trafficker up against the wall of an interrogation room.

First of all, let's look at the pornography industry statistics mentioned in the film. I don't remember the numbers, but they really don't matter. I've been fortunate enough to not have to look directly at the worst kind of those images, but have still been forced to see what I never wanted to see because of my job. I can tell you that young people make dumb mistakes with cell phones and selfies that go out there in internet-land, and I know for a fact the images from those mistakes are already high in number. I know there is a whole other set of images and even videos in the dark web that I've never seen, but know investigators that have. Most of these kids in these pictures and videos were taken from their normal lives, and thrust into these situations. These children weren't just ready-made victims because criminals all of the sudden started having children. The bad guys couldn't just grow these children in the fields, and use other slaves to work the field or produce children in a lab. THESE CHILDREN BELONGED TO FOLKS LIKE YOU AND ME, AND THEY WERE KIDNAPPED!

Look at the sheer number of children who are reported missing every year! Where does everyone think these missing children are going? Many are killed, yes; and that's horrible. But there are many that end up being used over and over again, and shipped around the world from port to port, city to city, in all kinds of living conditions. Parents everywhere should take the story from this movie to heart. Take watching your children seriously, boys and girls of all ages. Know where they are, what they're doing, who is with them. Teach them about evil in this world, and THAT IT ACTUALLY EXISTS!

But there was something else they talked about in this movie. The main actor, Jim Caviezel, made a good point to the audience after the film. We are not powerless or hopeless in this fight for the children. First, talk about the subject matter with everyone you know who's a parent or teacher. Take the situation of human trafficking seriously. Teach kids about the danger, even good old-fashioned 'stranger danger.' But go beyond that.

Here's the real dot to connect, because the talking heads from big networks that pay their salaries, avoid the subject altogether, or throw around the term 'conspiracy theory,' because hey, that's original. But running a dark business like this, that makes more than 150 billion dollars a year? It COSTS money. Where do you think the money to keep these deep secret operations going comes from? You think only cartels fund this mess?

People, here's the kicker. Look to the politicians and the lobbyists. Look at where they cast their votes, and whether they actually care about children or not. Look at the sexually deviant behavior promoted or supported by some! How far will we let votes of evil people go, until full-blown pedophilia is legal?

If you want to help children who fall victim to this industry, start by looking at the people in power. Where do they throw their support? If their votes go anywhere to the Left, especially over the past 20 years or more, you might just be looking at one of these evil people who keep this crap going. Yeah - I said it. And I will say it again.

You want to hit the elitists behind this evil in the pocketbook and bank account? Start at the voting booth, and don't ever vote for the immoral scum who refuse to stick up for children.

And whatever you do, never give up hope. Most of these kids who end up in these situations, will feel like there is no hope. It's up to us, especially believers, to pray, and keep the spark of hope alive... for all of God's children.

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