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God Cannot Be Mocked

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Let's take a look at American history, shall we? More specifically, recent history. First, let's take a look at President Joe Biden. Look at the man, in almost every public outing. Ask yourself; could this man lead an entire nation in a war, an invasion, or another Great Depression? While you think on that, consider this; yesterday the Democrats in DC celebrated Obamacare's anniversary, and during the celebration, mainstream video cameras couldn't even hide how invisible the 'supposed' President Biden was in the shadow of 'ex-President' Obama. Biden might as well have been a wall flower, or a tapestry in the background. Nobody paid him any mind. This is the current 'leader' of the 'free' world, right?

In the meantime, even the mainstream news can't even deny all of Biden's bone-headed statements he has made towards Russia, and war, or the border. Governors across the nation aren't giving Biden any credibility, and the infamous Hunter Biden connection to Ukraine and China is something that the mainstream news conveniently try their best to dodge every press conference. Although lawmakers across the board have insisted that Biden is the legitimate President from 2020, millions and millions of Americans still laud for Trump. Even if no court ever looked at real evidence enough to give it any credence, and Biden himself called it the most secure election in history - the word FRAUD is thrown around with the Biden family name just about everywhere someone turns.

Every time a news reporter backs Biden in a corner to simply question the wisdom in some of his own semantic snafus, Biden throws a grumpy old man temper tantrum and bumbles off some indecipherable gibberish that doesn't make sense no matter how slow you play back the video. American crowds at huge sporting events used a catch phrase coined by the idiocy of the mainstream media to shame the President's name in a repetitive chant that echoed from sea to shining sea, even in what were thought to be some of the most liberal places. And ever since the President's senility has started to kick in, half the economic woes that have hit all our wallets and gas tanks so hard are engineered by someone else, and Biden thinks it's all Russia's fault...probably because he is back in the Cold War from the 70s in his own mind.

Why in the world does it suddenly seem like this corrupt career politician's world has been turned upside down?

What about our nation?

It turns out there has been a Dark Agenda afoot in our nation's politics for awhile now. Everything from forcing government dependency through handouts, to educating children that truth is subjective, to politicizing family planning, to encouraging child sacrifice via abortion, to legalizing the desecration of God's holy institution of marriage - our government has stuck its nose in family business so much as to 'mock' the very existence of God's ideal FAMILY.

You see, I believe President Biden is reaping what he has sown through an entire career of corrupt government politics that has spanned more than forty-four years. First of all, if you make a living, as well as play the political game of taking money that you didn't earn through back channels, you tend to get really comfortable with lying. And every time someone insists that they are serving the people but tells a lie at the same time, they might as well be attempting to mock God to His face. Thus, all these inconvenient tough times being suffered by Old Joe might just be him reaping what he has sown.

Unfortunately, much like the nation of Israel, I think America is reaping what she has sown, by allowing elite and powerful people to take advantage of us, our system, and our idolatry. We have mocked God to His face, by insulting the very foundations of what a family should be, when we were in the best position possible, as a light to the world. Sure, we started out great. We showed the rest of the world that tyranny was no way to live. We obtained wealth and greatness, and gave more to the helpless and hungry around the world than any other period of history, and more than any other nation. That is all fine and good, but read the short excerpt from Galatians again.

I think a time is coming when the Biden family, because of its yearning for 'the flesh' and not the Spirit, will eventually face its own demise. I am not exactly going to cry if I live to see that day. However, I also think that because of our nation's yearning for idolatry; our country's turn away from God, and our nation's recent embrace of all things destructive to the nuclear family - we are bound to reap national destruction.

Is there hope? I think so. But I am a realist, and unfortunately, I don't think there are enough realists, or else we probably wouldn't have fallen so far. But in order to avoid destruction, we've got to repent as a nation. We need to seek the Spirit of God. We need to spread the gospel message of Jesus, so maybe, JUST MAYBE, more of this nation can "reap eternal life."

Just my two cents for today.

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