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Forced Resolution

-a short story from My Mind Fortress.....

Forced Resolution


I hope someone finds this message. I hope I’ve resolved to do the right thing. The state has forced this on us all. But I have to be on the side of truth. If you’re reading this, you have to at least ask, why would the typist of this message tell a lie? If nothing else, surely it can’t be a coincidence that you found the message. For your sake, I hope you don’t have to be under the state’s thumb like We are.

Just who the hell do they think they are? Who does He think He is? What business is it of the One Earth State as to what I decide to do with my next year of my life?

It all became official last week, on December 25, 2055. A universal decree went out on the Earth Vision around the world. The all high and mighty ‘One Chancellor’, who seems to make decisions for us all now, decreed that all good citizens must declare to the state their intentions for change in the New Year. The deadline is this coming New Year’s Eve at 11:59 p.m. I basically have less than four days now to come up with some sort of lifestyle change or lofty goal for my life for the year of 2056, because some guy who looks like a GQ model-gone-Evil villain says we all have to. And I am not at all happy about this.

Or am I?

But things really are as I described. New Year’s Day is the only holiday recognized by the government now. Like I have a choice; it has also been decreed that the first day of every New Year is the most important day on the planet every year now. Anyone caught not celebrating is shamed, in electronic bindings, in the new public squares, which are now present in the geographic center of every city. Towns have been abolished; all populations were forced after the Great Conflagration to form the Earth Cities – cities of populations no less than a half million people. Frankly, I will be glad to give them my resolution, for which they have so caringly given me the opportunity, along with the other citizens of the world. So here it is:

My name is Fortress… Fort-214678, and I am not alone. We are not alone. Whoever finds this message, whether you are from another planet, or our own future, please understand that what follows this message was forced upon us. We citizens have been put in a position on this planet that interferes with what should be our “unalienable rights” – no; our GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS! We, the citizens of this world, are not just people simply identified by the order in which we were born in our city, from the time of the city’s ‘ordination’. We are more than just slaves to the state, just to make the High Earth Council and the One Chancellor live ‘high on the hog’ off the backs that perform the labor. We are more than just pawns to move against the Earth Force on occasion, just to entertain our high masters who run this planet. We, the citizens of this world, have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ourselves; not some guy who thinks he is special because he can lift air-cars with one arm, or stop bullets with just his thoughts. I am here to type in this Power Message – probably our last message – that WE – are more.

By the time someone reads this, on this tiny screen; on this Impeno-Screen, WE might all be gone. For we are about to rise up against the most powerful military ever assembled in the history of the planet. The Earth Force consists of millions of highly trained men and women from all around the globe. Unfortunately, those who serve on the Earth Force never knew any freedom from before the Great Conflagration. They have all been cloned; genetically engineered by the Science Controllers of the High Earth Council for one purpose: to force all genetic offspring from the Great Conflagration survivors to fall in line under the new world government, the One Earth State.

Should you find this message, you will know the final outcome, or at least come to true conclusions by finishing your reading. I will tell you how we got to this point, in case other evidence of truth isn’t found. And I will tell you why I – no, WE - decided to organize like we’ve never organized before. Then maybe you’ll either understand how our planet either ended up in a new state… or you can still strive to bring about change.

After I watched the news of these resolutions at the cosmic bar, one of our high-tech ‘waves of the future’ for drowning our sorrows (so they advertised), I decided we survivors of that dreadful day, had been enslaved long enough. We let powerful people, because they happened to have a temporary solution to our cosmic disaster, make the rest of life’s decisions for us; simply because the Great Conflagration killed billions of us. The fear was understandable in the beginning. We longed for anyone to help us rebuild from world-wide fires. It was only natural to turn to the Supernaturals that seemed to save the day. But the decree for a resolution for their precious holiday just happened to be the pinnacle of a long, escalating buildup of coercion and oppression by the powerful One Earth State.

I happen to be a former local Enforcer, what the world used to call cops, or police. Several of the citizens from the former world, like me, were chosen for our contributions for the new society, since we did not have the ‘luxury’ of being genetically engineered. I led that forced career (I would’ve chosen to be a teacher) for twenty-five years, and just started my forced retirement.

But I happen to have connections.

Their names are Gabriel and Michael. I don’t believe in coincidences. Those names, of all names, were given to them by the Science Controllers after they were genetically engineered. They somehow broke rank from the Earth Force, and now move amongst the citizenry in secret. They happened to reach out to me a couple of days before the Earth Vision announcement. I told them I’d think about it and keep in touch – but after some alcohol (for some reason, they never outlawed the stuff) and the global announcement of the ‘Resolutions’, I’d had it. I contacted Gabriel, and told him I was on board.

That had a domino effect, to say the least.

It turns out, while Gabriel and Michael moved around in secret, they moved EVERYWHERE. They’d been recruiting… recruiting thousands, and thousands of people, just like me. Michael actually left me instructions, and gave me a secret electronic link into their underground network. It just so happens that this network is made up of current Enforcers, as well as forced retired veterans like me. Word spread like wild fire. The One Earth State knows about the network, but things have been carried out in so much shadow, with layer upon layer of secret communication, that they do not know where to start. Several Enforcers have even been interrogated; some even killed.

Yet WE remain secret. We still thrive in the shadows.

But thanks to the Forced Resolutions, that’s about to change.

The One Earth State wants a resolution. We’re about to give it to them. But there is more to this than I can tell you. If you really want to figure out how this goes down, or how to keep the faith, should this opportunity that we have set in motion fail… there is a book. The book tells all.

Books in general haven’t existed for several years now. But I know for a fact some still remain in hiding. I’ve seen some in person, from people I’ve talked to in the network. Keep in mind, all this I include in this message; it has all transpired in a very short time.

I said I don’t believe in coincidences. Find the book, or some electronic copy. It’s called the Bible. Yes, cars fly; yes, most diseases are gone; yes, we have people on Mars. But there is more. The Bible holds more truth than anyone in the One Earth State knows, or at least cares to admit. Many of the common citizens, in their prescribed labors, are still unaware. But some are awakening. Gabriel and Michael are part of that, but so are WE. If you find this message, follow up by finding the Bible. Pay particular attention to the books within the book, called Daniel and Revelation. Some things might not be literal, but some of the messages contained therein are as literal as it gets.

So here’s my resolution, although the One Earth State won’t receive an e-mail about it:

My name is Fortress. My purpose for this moment, and in the future, is to serve the God written about in the book. I believe and resolve to stand for this newfound faith. I resolve to strike out at midnight on January 1, 2056, and I will do my part to strike a sword at the heart of the One Earth State. And yet I hope and pray no blood must be shed, but I am sure it will be. But WE will all set out at once at that moment. We will all set out at once, when the global Plasma Ball descends the One Earth Tower, in a very coordinated effort, to share the knowledge we’ve all gained from the book.

We resolve to tell the truth. We resolve to seek freedom. We resolve to stand for what We all believe, and are willing to die in order to do so. But this cannot be all there is. My resolution is the same as the other believers, and come midnight on the One Chancellor’s favorite night, We resolve to tell the truth – so that the rest of the world will be set free. Perhaps the One so often mentioned in the latter half of the book will intervene; that is foretold. I sure hope and pray.

I pray to the God of the book that we succeed. If not, and you find this message, do what I suggest. Maybe it’s too late for me, but not you. Find the book; read it for yourself. Perhaps, with resolve, you can be part of the change this world needs. Or maybe, just maybe, you have seen the change. I sure hope it’s the latter.

Who knows?

But when it’s all over, hope might just be the only resolution any of us ever needed. For as long as one has hope, then they need not look far for resolve.

-Fortress, out!

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