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A Duty to Think

Whether you look at the world as a Christian, or as a patriot to one's nation, you, and I, have the duty to use our minds - AND THINK!

The Bible tells us to not be conformed to the world, but transformed by the renewing of your mind.

If one truly has the best interests for the preservation of their own life, their family's way of life, and their own nation, then groupthink and doing what everyone else says - what the world says, if you will - will lead to a path of self destruction.

Is it any coincidence that this is exactly what Satan wants to happen for the world?

I wanted to write this post to address the many things the world wants us all to get behind. Because like it or not, several people, fellow Christians included, have fallen victim to creeping incrementalism; slowly but surely becoming more and more accepting of things that are very much against the better interests for families.

Here are just some of the things the world tells us to embrace:

Open your borders

Increase your government

Define your own truth

We don't need real men

Make everything fair

Punish the rich

Do what feels good

Just help yourself; do it on your own

Impeach Trump

Embrace a world government

And these are just a few of the concepts that just twenty years ago would've been scoffed at by just about any red blooded American.

And yes, there are some Christian concepts embedded in some of the ways a few of these ideas are presented. But if we stop and think; actually take the time to make connections to how it fits in to what 'the world' wants, we can find balance and still hold true to Christ's teachings.

Open Borders - Yes, there are probably millions of immigrants and refugees from different nations and different countries around the world. And I think we should reach out and help all for which it is feasible to do. But just as I would have to lay out some expectations and ground rules if I welcomed strangers into my home to reside, we should expect certain rules to be followed by these strangers we welcome into our countries. And the mere idea of open borders just to expedite so-called help to these needy immigrants? Ignorant, to say the least. We put common sense safeguards in place, including physical boundaries to help further understanding of expectations, and all those who seek shelter here simply respect those rules and abide by them. It is just good sense. We can certainly help the needy but still take note of the needs to keep our own homes safe.

Increase your government - socialism -

Why anyone needs to point this out, after ALL the examples through history that it never works, is beyond me. But basically, because China supposedly does it, really through communism, the world sees potential utopia through the socialistic governing process. This is basically large scale government, which totally flies in the face of the founders of the US Constitution. This also assumes that if we disguise the principle with an extra fluffy adjective like 'democratic' in front of it, it'll all be better. Of course, this is assuming everyone will eventually just be willing to go along with the government, by all voting the same way, because someone running it (not ever really the people) will decide what's best for everyone. This also assumes that humans are not naturally flawed and selfish individuals, which Christians SHOULD know is anything but true. More on this shortly, when I refer to the beloved UN.

Define your own truth - If we really go by this absurd idea, then where does the definition end? If my truth is Allah says to throw you from a rooftop, that's not gonna go well for you if you're not on the same page with me and Allah. If I think it's ok to kill babies before they're born, and I make sure to persuade millions of others to buy into that, that's not going to go well for future plans for mankind, or its progeny. If I decide that the traditional family just makes me mad, so I set out to destroy any idea of such a notion, then that's ok; it's my truth, right? If I can't accept myself for what science says I am, everyone else needs to cater to me, and we need to reshape truth just for my account... because that won't cause any confusion at all (detect the sarcasm). But enough said about that; obviously just not right, period. There has to be an ultimate rule of law somewhere. Compromises can be found, but just moral relativism will be a recipe for disaster.

We don't need real men anymore -

Yeah, right! Go and look up how many inmates in prisons in the USA grew up without a father. Who do you suppose joins up with a military and then signs on to become ultimate warriors like Navy SEALS, or Marine Force Recon, or Green Berets, or Para-rescue? And I'm not saying that those all have to be men, because there might be some badass ladies out there who can fight. But fighting is just part of it. Women and men are BOTH necessary to help mankind thrive. Who cares who is doing what? But just because women have been discriminated against doesn't mean let's do away with all manliness. Of course, if you ask the company that for some reason still has the slogan 'The best a man can get', they'd tell you otherwise. And the real men in this world, ultimately, are the ones who step up as the man for their family; the ultimate protector and spiritual guide for the family. But it's getting pretty obvious, the world certainly doesn't like that.

Make everything FAIR -

Really? If you truly think life is supposed to be fair, then we'd either all be born in a sewer or ditch, or all be born with silver spoons and mansions. We'd either all be helpless and weak, and not good at anything - or we'd all be champion athletes, or high-powered CEOs. But life is really what you make of it, based on the choices you make throughout your life. You can't choose where, or how you're born, and you can't choose who raises you. But you can still somehow grow older and choose who to model yourself after, who you spend your time with, and skills with which you want to improve and become proficient. But life, as any realist knows, is not fair.

Punish the rich - First of all, money is not evil. Rich people are not evil. The love of money is evil, but just having it is not bad. And many rich people have used their money for the greater good of not just the people around them, but also the world. Maybe it's not such a good idea to fall for the government's false war against the rich (who give plenty of their cash to the government) just because the government pundits just want more poor people to depend on the government and make it as big as it can be (again, more on the precious UN in a sec). It's almost laughable how even the celebrity rich claim to be so self-righteous, yet won't be giving as much up for the poor as they insist society as a whole does. Take away their mansions and their home defense systems and their bodyguards and their luxurious transportation, and see how their tunes will change.

Do what feels good - Alcohol numbs the pain, drugs cause euphoria, sex feels awesome, and survival of high risk activities is an adrenaline rush. And...alcohol helps drunk drivers kill people, drugs help other really bad decisions get made (from homicide to suicide), and sex outside of the way God intended causes everything from unplanned pregnancies, to spread of disease, to crimes of passion, to broken families, to the fall of empires! But go ahead, tell me how just following the world's insistence to do what feels good will solve your problems. Sure, we all need pleasure to distract from pain... but there are plenty of wholesome ways to do that. The world would have you think otherwise. Just turn on the tv.

Self help - Just help yourself, because you don't need anyone else. You can do it this way, or that way, or this expert's way...or her way...or their way...or, ah heck; you get the picture. There are more self-help books and articles on the internet than there are pages in the Bible! The worst part is it's not like everyone of these authors think they know the answers; they just hope you think they know, so you will give them their money. But self-help advice and literature is a huge business. Just look at the motivational speakers industry, and how far it has come in the past decade. Don't misunderstand me; not all of these things are bad in and of themselves. But the world pushes a message that you can fix things, including yourself, better than God can. It even kind of goes back to the whole 'define your own truth' thing.

Impeach Trump - yes; I just got political. But impeachment of a sitting President is a pretty big deal. And it is a big enough deal to some, that they're willing to fight over it. If the country were not divided rather equally over it, that'd be one thing. If there were evidence, I mean hard evidence that proved impeachment was warranted, that'd also count for something. But is it worth rioting in the streets? If you stop and think about it, much of the world wants Trump to fail here. Why do you suppose that is? Although some of his 'stand up for your own family first' approach is catching on in some western nations, world powers that want one global authority see Donald Trump, and anything resembling traditional USA, as the biggest obstacle between worldwide authority (human authority anyway), and freedom of the people. Look at how the world saw Trump before he ever ran for President. His show The Apprentice, was "Yuge!" Look at the endless barrage of attacks from the media against Trump. Look at how every political prognosticator predicts a Trump landslide if he's not impeached. Gee, I'm sure there is no coincidence there.

Speaking of global authority, let's talk about the last real push from the world.

Embrace a world government - Imagine one large government, set up by the UN, to make sure all nations live under all the same rules. Have you noticed the shouts from the rafters about climate change, and how anyone, in the world, who doesn't come out all in favor for all things green, is ostracized? Go look at the goals of the UN through the year 2030. Notice how much everyone is supposed to start marching in line. Now ask yourself a question: how many things could be used to bring about such marching in line? It really just comes down to one thing, because of the natural conflict and disagreement that comes with mankind... use of force.

You may not agree with me on any of this. But then you need to ask yourself, who DO you agree with?

I don't claim to have ALL the answers. But I definitely live up to my duty...the duty to think. I am always paying attention to world events, and at least asking myself why this or that event might be happening. If you do anything after reading this, let it be that one thing. Just stop...


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