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Chance Encounters?

So an interesting thing happened today during a break between training sessions at work. My partner in crime/training, Jeremy, and I were sitting in McDonald's drinking coffee, and I was just telling Jeremy about my latest writing ideas, and how they related to the second book I am about to release. We were just having casual conversation, but apparently a woman who was sitting nearby was listening intently to our discussion. In talking, the nice lady (Heidi) approached me and said that she couldn't help but overhear that I had been writing. We began talking, and I mentioned to her that I was a self-published author. She began asking about steps I took to get to that point, and I was able to give her some very basic tips. But then I referred her to my friend Jeremy, and explained to her how he was also a writer...and that he actually was the one who convinced me into putting myself out there and using the Amazon tools to self-publish my material. One thing lead to another, and Heidi told us about her unique idea about writing children's stories (For Heidi's sake I won't say what made it unique), and she had plenty of good questions about what her next steps should be. Heidi said that she just happened to be praying with God about writing a certain kind of book before we sat down, when she overheard me talking about my book. Heidi very openly told us that we had both inspired her, and that she would be getting in touch with the both of us for more pointers. But then she did something rare - Heidi asked us if we would pray with her before she left. So there we were - a security officer, a police officer, and a random stranger, sitting around small tables at McDonald's, holding hands, and praying. And Heidi prayed for thanksgiving to God for the opportunity to meet us, and she prayed for guidance and continued success to the both of us, and then she closed as we all said Amen. As she was about to leave us, she stopped one more time and told us she appreciated the line of work we were in, and that she would keep our safety in her prayers. And then Heidi left us to our business. I felt like writing about this today, because I was very inspired by that moment. I wish other people could have seen the encouragement on Heidi's face as she explained to both of us how we inspired her to pursue her goal. I have written before about how I don't believe in coincidences, but this hammered it home for me. I truly feel like God put myself and Jeremy, two independent writers - and Christians, in that exact McDonald's, at that exact time, and opened Heidi's ears to hear what we were talking about as she prayed. Do I even have to tell you how rare it is that a random stranger asks you to sit down with them, hold hands, and pray with them? This is a God-thing, folks. This is a miracle...something that can't be explained by science. Atheists out there reading this - if this offends you, read no further...but there is a God out there who loves us. He uses each of us as his tools; he can use you at any given time in your life to touch the life or inspire someone else. This incident today put my gift of writing in perspective for me. It suddenly made the eventual goal of turning a profit from my books so insignificant. That moment today made me realize part of my purpose in this world...part of God's purpose for me in this world. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity. As for Chance Encounters...I don't believe in them.

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