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Put it in a Box, and Give it to God

I got to take part in a profound short prayer session with my son's youth group last night, and his youth pastor just did a neat little activity that I thought I could share through my unique platform I have on the world wide web and social media. So if you are a believer, please look forward to the next few paragraphs - and if you're not, give the words a little perusal anyway; nothing offensive here.

So there we were, gathered in a circle, and everyone in the circle - adults and teens alike - were asked to write something down on a piece of paper. And it was what we all wrote down that inspired this blog post. Each person wrote down one thing that they were struggling with or struggled with often that holds them back or keeps them from glorifying God the way we are meant to.

So anyone in the room could think of one problem they've never been able to get over.

Anyone in the room could write down the one person they've always held that long-standing grudge against. Anyone could write down the addiction they'd always battled. Anyone could write down the one temptation they can never seem to resist. Anyone could write down that family member's illness that had been troubling or inconveniencing everyone in the family for so long, all while forcing the family to watch the family member suffer. Anyone could write down that heavy burden they felt like they had; that one thing that made them feel like they were the only person in the world with that burden. Anyone could write down that reason for doubt in God's word. Anyone could write down... ANYTHING!

And once everyone had it written down, the piece of paper was folded in half, and we all put it in a box. Nobody knew what anyone else wrote - only God and the person who wrote it.

Now I am not putting this out there for you to know what I wrote down, but I did write something down. What I want to do is tell you that this short, brief lesson was profound, because if you truly believe in the power of God, then you must believe in the power of prayer. So I did write something down. Now... it's up to God. But that's just it - THAT IS HOW IT WORKS!

Faith! Believing in something, even if you can't see it... that is what God is asking us to have.

Wherever two or more are gathered in His name, there He will be also; Jesus told us that in the Bible. I assure you some of the people in the room last night were there in His name. And every person wrote something down. If they wrote something down, even half-heartedly, they were at least acknowledging that there was something in their way, something keeping them from doing God's will. I have a strong belief that the people in that room will see something happen. I can't see it happening because I don't know what everyone wrote - but I BELIEVE. And that's the point.

I believe that something great will happen somehow in my ability to reach the world for Christ, one person at a time. God told us all to go and make disciples of all nations through the words of Jesus... one person at a time can have a ripple effect. I wrote something down. I believe God will move and effect that obstacle I wrote down.

So here's my question for whoever reads this?

What's in your way? What is stopping you from doing God's will? What burden do you carry that is slowing down your progress in your mission? What do you think keeps you from glorifying God the way He intended you to do?

For those readers who may not believe I also have a question. What is stopping you from believing? What is the one thing that gives you doubt? Forget the peer pressure of the world for just a second; is there some part of you, inside, that feels like there might just be something to all this - but there's always been this influence in the world that just tells you - 'Nah, that's just a fairy tale'?

I challenge anyone out there - if you want God to know it; if you want God to hear about it; if you want God to do something about it -

Put it in a box, and give it to God.

That's how simple prayer can be; just visualize anything you have to say to God as a message sent by carrier pigeon... and send it on its way :)

But don't forget the faith part. They go together. If you haven't seen God work in your life yet, give it a chance. Something called the Bible tells me - you might just be surprised.

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